10 Spanish La Liga Strict Protocols in the Corona Pandemic Period

Strict regulations were made by the Spanish La Liga when the participating clubs held a joint training session during the corona virus pandemic starting this week.

The protocol comes as part of preparations for the Spanish League to be held again this season. This guide applies not only to players, but also to the coaching team and club staff.

Here are 10 La Liga training guides during the Covid-29 pandemic based on releases received by CNNIndonesia.com.

1. Personal Behavior

The players are asked to follow the rules about social restrictions. Starting from washing hands, covering mouth and nose, to keeping a distance of at least two meters from teammates and club staff.

2. Covid-19 Test

Before doing routine training the players, coaches, and club staff are required to take the Covid-19 test, including PCR and antibody tests. Periodic tests are also done before practice begins.

3. Disinfection of the Exercise Site

Each training ground and all club facilities will be sterilized using disinfectants before the player or staff returns to activities by following the health authority’s instructions. Cleansing is continued periodically after training.

4. Communication

Players will get a schedule and how to access training facilities on a computer, cell phone, or tablet that the club will send the night before coming to the training ground.

5. Transportation

Players and club staff come to the training ground using private cars, which are regularly cleaned and sprayed with disinfectants. This vehicle must be the same every day.

6. Masks and Gloves

When arriving and on the move at the training ground, players are required to wear masks and gloves.

7. Small Groups

In training, only a maximum of six players are allowed to train on each field by always maintaining a safe distance between players. In addition, a maximum of two players in the fitness center while maintaining distance.

8. Uniform

Players and staff wear uniforms and training shoes when arriving at the training facility. After practicing they will get a recyclable bag containing the uniform for the next day.

The following day, the uniform that had been used was placed in a special container at the training ground for club staff to wash.

9. Contact with Others

For the safety of the players, staff, and their loved ones and their teammates, it is advisable not to receive guests during the protocol phase.

10. Physiotherapist

Players are advised to avoid using physiotherapy. If necessary, they must always be handled by the same person.

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