Sebastian Vettel joins Prost’s winning streak

Sebastian Vettel was the first Ferrari driver joins Alain Prost in the quadruple world champion’s club in 2013 after Michael Schumacher.

It could also match the number of wins in Formula 1 French, 51 in all, this Sunday in Austria, having missed his Grand Prix in France.

The German also evokes an exchange with Prost, when he missed the world title last year. This allowed Lewis Hamilton to become a four-time world champion.

“I have the feeling of having disappointed Alain, to have let him down last year because Lewis has now, too, four titles. He came to see me saying: ‘What happened? The club of four now has one more member. I told him I was sorry!” Vettel told L’Equipe.

“I will do everything to join another club of two drivers who have at least 5 titles Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio. Prost is an exceptional driver and equal with 51 wins while he had to fight against Senna would phenomenal, their duel is mythical, we will never see that kind of thing again.” Vettel added.

Vettel, fond of history and statistics, has his opinion on this duel while stating that “Senna and Prost are not comparable”.

“They are models, we lost Senna, which is a huge loss, but we still have Prost, I know that in the world of auto sports, Prost has long been seen as the villain in this battle and Senna the kind but as the years passed, observers realized Alain’s worth, and he spent so much time in F1.” Vettel said.

“When you have the chance to talk to people who have worked with him, you understand why he won four championships, he was so good, he probably should have won more, so I prefer not to think about this 51st victory!” former Red Bull driver added.

Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas collided at the start of Sunday’s French GP. (

Vettel and Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas collided at the start of Sunday’s French Grand Prix, and he was given a five second penalty.

He was heavily criticised by Mercedes Lewis Hamilton and team chairman Niki Lauda. However, FIA race director Charlie Whiting defended Vettel’s penalty.

“The stewards had four options, ‘A 5 second penalty, a 10 second penalty, a drive through and a stop and go on.” Whiting said.

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