20 Highest Earning Football Clubs in the World

Football is not just a sport anymore, football is already a big enough industry. Thousands of people were involved in it, ranging from players, coaching teams and club managerial affairs. A third party that supports the implementation of a match and competition. As with an Industry many parties involved including sponsors, so that the velocity of money around it becomes very large.

Football has been managed with a very sophisticated not only football technical affairs, but in terms of its management it has followed the rules of a company with high standards of Good Corporate Governance.

It is appropriate that a football club is managed like that, the market is very large. According to 2018 data that I quoted from Sindonews.com, football fans around the world numbered 3.5 billion people, nearly half the human population on Planet Earth, which amounted to 7.7 billion inhabitants.

Evidence that football has been managed with high standard governance, Some of the world’s big clubs have listed their clubs on stock exchanges in various countries.

Manchester United is one of the pioneers of a football club that listed its shares on the stock exchange, first selling its shares to the public in 1990 on the London Stock Exchange, after Malcom Glazer began to enter and register an increase in MU stock purchases by 98 percent through London SE.

Then Glazer again made an initial listing of MU shares this time on the New York Stock Exchange or commonly called Wall Street in 2012.

Totteham Hotspur once sold its shares to the public in 2010 to 2011. But the Spurs management again decided to go private again,

Lazio is the first Italian football club to go public by selling its first stake in Borsa Italiana, the Italian stock exchange, lazio sells 33.3 shares to the public, the remaining 66.7 percent is owned by Claudio Lotito.

In Germany the Borussia Dortmund Club, is the first German club to sell its shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. At present 80 percent of Dortmund shares are owned by the public and the remaining 20 percent is held by Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co.

There is quite a lot of other evidence that shows that football has become a giant industry.

According to the Delloitte Financial Firm which released the 23rd edition of Deloitte Football Money League (DFML) at the beginning of January 2020. It was stated that the total income of the 20 clubs was the highest in the 2018/2019 season, amounting to 9.3 billion Euros.

Fantastic amount, in one season the income can be that big. This income is the accumulation of ticket revenue, broadcast rights, player transfer activities, sponsorships, club merchandise sales and various other income.

The club with the highest income this season is FC Barcelona, ​​this Spanish club won revenue in the 2018/2019 season amounting to 840.8 million Euros.

This Catalan football team set a separate record, because no single club in the world has ever achieved revenues exceeding 800 million Euros so far.

2nd place is still occupied by another Spanish club which is the eternal rival of Barca, Real Madrid. The income achieved by one of the teams from the Spanish Capital is 753.3 million Euros. While the English club which is the owner of the most fans base in the world, Manchester United is ranked 3rd with an income of 711.5 million euros.

Then what about Liverpool, the strongest candidate for the Premier League Champion in 2019/2020. Liverpool’s opinion last season of 604.7 million Euros and is ranked 7th. Liverpool’s toughest rival this season Manchester City is ranked 6th with an income of 610.6 million Euros. While Mou’s troops, Tottenham Hotspurs are ranked 8th with an income worth 521.1 million Euros. The Blues Chelsea managed to pocket an income of 513.1 million Euros.

While another London club from England is Arsenal, the Gunners managed to record revenues worth 445.6 million Euros.

While the other English clubs in the top 20 highest income clubs are The Hammers, West Ham United has an income of 216, 4 million Euros and his opinion is 213 million Euros, respectively in 18th and 19th place.

The Italian club that won the highest income was Juventus with an income of 459.7 million Euros and is ranked 10th.

While the richest club in Germany, Bayern Munich ranks 4th with an income of 660.1 million Euros.

The French club where Neymar grazed, Paris Saint Germain came in at number 5 with a total opinion of 635.9 million Euros.

When referring to the fan base it does not seem to be linear, the number of fans and income is not directly proportional even though it is still highly correlated with income. There are several other factors that influence club income such as transfer policy, club performance, financial management, and players who are at the club.

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