2019 Wimbledon Final, Record of Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic managed to defend his championship title last year at the Wimbledon 2019 men’s singles number. In the final match, Novak Djokovic defeated the holder of the most title of Wimbledon for men’s singles number, Roger Federer on Sunday (07/14/2019).

Compete on Center Court, the Serbian tennis player ended Roger Federer’s fight in five sets 7-6 (7-5) 1-6 7-6 (7-4) 4-6 13-12 (7-3). Quoted from the BBC website, the Djokovic vs Federer duel lasted 4 hours 57 minutes. The duration of the match is the longest record for the Wimbledon final.

“It’s like it’s not real,” said Djokovic after winning his fifth title in the grass slopes grand slam tournament. With the addition of one title, the total achievement of the Serbian title in the grand slam tournament was 16 titles. Djokovic became the third player with the highest number of collection of grand slam titles. The first and second record is held by Roger Federer (20) and Rafael Nadal (18) respectively.

The victory at Wimbledon 2019 will also maintain Djokovic’s position as the world number one according to the ATP ranking. Meanwhile, Federer failed to match the record of legendary American tennis player Martina Navratulova, who has 9 Wimbledon titles in a single number. “This is an extraordinary, long match, and made us risk everything,” Federer said.

“Congratulations, Novak. Friend, this is really a crazy match,” said the 37-year-old Swiss. Before meeting Novak, Federer had to undergo a 3 hour 3 minute duel with his toughest rival, Rafael Nadal.

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer themselves have a long history of meetings throughout their careers. Both players have already met 47 times with Novak Djokovic who was able to win 25 of them. The last time the two players faced each other on the pitch occurred at the ATP Masters 1000 which took place in Paris, France, a year ago.

The adventure of Novak Djokovic in defending the Wimbledon title relatively did not encounter significant obstacles. Nole, his best nickname, only lost two sets of six matches that have been carried out until the semi-final match.

Meanwhile, Roger Federer underwent a relatively more winding path by losing three sets to the number of matches. In total, Federer spent 12 hours 26 minutes, or 38 minutes faster than the records of Novak Djokovic.

Federer is currently listed as the collector of Wimbledon for the men’s singles number for 8 times. The last time he won it in 2017.

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