David Luiz to Arsenal: Panic purchase or excellent transfer?

Maybe this is the busiest summer transfer window for the club from North London, Arsenal. The club, which is headquartered at Emirates Stadium, is making a large number of players buying and selling. There are 6 players brought in and there are some players who come out of the gates of the Emirates Stadium.

There are two surprise purchases made by Arsenal and there is one surprise sale made by Arsenal. The focus this time is on buying Arsenal in the summer of 2019. Starting with the purchase of the first surprise, namely Nicolas Pepe. The type of attacking player from Ivory Coast landed Arsenal from a French club, Rennes. The recruitment is also touted the highest reward in Arsenal’s history.

The transfer value even surpassed the transfer value of Arsenal when buying Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. This makes Arsenal dare to prove themselves as a very serious team to start a new season with a new spirit. Those who were initially linked with other African players, Wilfred Zaha, actually chose Pepe to be the most expensive player.

After Pepe moved to Arsenal, there was also a surprise transfer present in the final hours before the close of the summer transfer window for the British zone. The player who was successfully brought in was David Luiz. The Brazilian defender was brought in by Arsenal from city rivals Chelsea.

This transfer can be called a surprise, because it was reportedly only blew within 2-3 days before the deadline. This is unique when Arsenal were previously associated with a number of potential defenders who were said to be able to replace the slots left by Laurent Koscielny.

Koscielny’s absence makes Arsenal must immediately bring in a defender. Daniele Rugani and Dayot Upamecano were said to be close to Unai Emery’s squad. However, the issue was thrown by a more unique issue because it involved the figure of David Luiz.

It was a coincidence that the three defenders had the initials D. However, it was the last name that finally successfully docked at the Emirates Stadium. This transfer can be called a good step for Arsenal, but also a decision that sparked debate among connoisseurs of English football. Is David Luiz a panic buying or best solution for Arsenal?

In fact, David Luiz has been in England for a long time. In fact he was at Chelsea in two periods. The first period is in 2011-2014 and the second period in 2016-2019. He returned to Stamford Bridge after being a part of PSG’s rich team as well as Unai Emery’s foster children.

From the track record, it will feel inappropriate if David Luiz’s presence is referred to as panic buying. Indeed, there are two factors that are most relevant to David Luiz’s purchase. Namely, when the transfer occurred and the departure of Laurent Koscielny. These two things are quite powerful to be used as the reason that Luiz is close to Arsenal because Arsenal have no other choice to replace the figure of Koscielny.

However, if returned to the record of his career in the Premier League, then what Arsenal did was right. Because, they need experienced players like Koscielny to rally the Gunners defense. They already have formidable defenders in the form of Sokratis Papastathopoulos. However, it would be quite risky for Arsenal if they did not have a tandem commensurate with it.

From this we can see that the figure of David Luiz tends to be ideal compared to the two previous players who are rumored to be closer to Arsenal. Because, players who are identical with fertile hair tend to be stylists, instead of being powerful like Thiago Silva (his duet in PSG and the Brazilian national team). He does not rely on power to survive, but rather on the foresight of momentum.

This momentum can be in the form of critical moments in defense (do intercept) or crucial moments in building attacks (long passing). He is among the top defenders who have the vision to build a good attack. This can be exploited by Arsenal when they do the scheme “built-up play” in controlling the ball. So, even though he is already 32 years old, he can still benefit Arsenal with his vision of playing.In addition, David Luiz can also be an Arsenal player lined up as a reserve captain. This means that his presence on the field will also be needed by Arsenal in terms of leadership. Although the Gunners already have Sokratis who is very vocal in coordinating with his colleagues, certainly not a waste if in the back line there is also the figure of David Luiz.

All players must have advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, the defender who is now wearing number 23 at Arsenal. David Luiz, who tends to be a stylist, also has obstacles in managing emotions. Sometimes he can make mistakes by making violent violations that can cause debate and harm to his team.

Indeed this tends to be natural and almost always exists in the figures of central defenders. However, with the style of play that is sometimes too violent in blocking the movement of opponents (especially in the second half), can make Arsenal will suffer losses. So, if David Luiz often makes the wrong decision, it will also give problems (again) to the back line and Bernd Leno.

However, Arsenal’s decision to buy David Luiz can be called the right decision. Because, Arsenal will have William Saliba next season (2020/21). The young defender who is now on loan at St. Etienne can be the real successor for Koscielny. As for this season, Arsenal will indeed be better with David Luiz than other players.

Because, Arsenal this season (2019/20) is predicted to be trying to build a new dynasty with Unai Emery as its leader (in his second season in London Red). So, Arsenal certainly need players who have character and experience to help Unai Emery achieve his big targets this season. Moreover, David Luiz had also been on the same boat as Emery. So, it will not be difficult for the two to return to work together and produce success in the 2019/20 season.


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