Athlete’s Support for George Floyd

On May 25, 2020, black US citizen George Floyd was arrested by Minneapolis security authorities for allegedly using counterfeit money. In the process of his arrest, a police officer named Derek Chauvin who was white stepped on George Floyd’s neck with his knee.

This action no doubt made George Floyd whimper and ask Chauvin to let him go because he could not breathe. However, Chauvin ignored the request, before long Floyd remained motionless and he was declared dead after being rushed to hospital.

The incident instantly sparked public outrage and various protests eventually spread in the major cities of the United States because it was considered to contain racism.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Sports activists including former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. also condemned the incident that took Floyd’s life away. Former United States boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., could not stand seeing racism at George Floyd. Reported from The Sun, the boxer nicknamed The Money is ready to help the Floyd family by covering all funeral expenses.

Through his closest people, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is said to follow his heart after seeing the unfortunate incident that befell Floyd. “He (Mayweather Jr.) only did what he was feeling from his heart,” said the closest person who was not identified.

The latest news says that the family of the late George Floyd has been willing to accept the offer given by Floyd Mayweather Jr. even though there has been no official statement. In addition to Floyd Maywetaher, the sad event invited the attention of other athletes such as Mercedes F1 team racer Lewis Hamilton and several soccer stars.

Jadon Sancho

One of the actions condemned racism was shown by players from England who competed for Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho. Jadon Sancho celebrated justice for Floyd’s death when he scored for Borussia Dortmund against Paderborn. The 20-year-old celebrated by showing his shirt that read “Justice for George Floyd.”

Jon Jones

Jon Jones found a number of hoodlums who were about to destroy a number of small shops along the road in New Mexico, United States (US). The UFC brawler number 1 immediately asked the young children to hand over the spray paint used to strike the wall.

“Is this action still about George Floyd? Why do young delinquents like you destroy the city?” Jones wrote in his Instagram account. “As a young black man I am also disappointed. But this is not the way, we actually make things worse. If you love something, protect it.” Jones asked parents not to let their children riot.

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