3 Controversial Moments Chelsea vs Man Utd

Chelsea vs Manchester United is the big match for the Premier League this weekend. Here are three controversial moments from the two teams’ past matches.

The Blues entertain the Red Devils at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Sunday (28/2). Both teams are on a positive note after going unbeaten in the last six matches in all competitions.

Even so, the duel between the two teams was hot in the past seasons.

Here are three controversial moments in the Chelsea vs Man Utd match.

1. The Mourinho Fights

The Chelsea vs Man Utd match on October 20, 2018 is running hot. The two teams played fiercely until the last minute.

Man Utd, who was coached by Jose Mourinho at that time, was 2-1 ahead of the hosts until 94 minutes.

But unfortunately, the Blues managed to equalize. Ross Barkley’s 95th minute goal broke the Red Devils’ victory that was in sight.

This goal sparked a scene on the bench for the two teams. Because, Mourinho had a fight with Maurizio Sarri’s coaching staff, Marco Ianni.

Mourinho was upset that Ianni was celebrating right in the face. Ianni ran to celebrate while clenching his fingers and screaming after Barkley’s goal in front of Mourinho who was sitting to restrain his team’s disappointment from failing to win.

2. Rafael vs David Luiz

On May 6, 2013, the Manchester United vs Chelsea match caused controversy involving two players from each side. That moment, namely Rafael vs David Luiz.

At that time, in the 88th minute, Rafael tried hard to grab the ball from David Luiz’s feet on the left side of the Chelsea defense. Failing to reach the ball, Rafael deliberately kicked David Luiz in the leg.

David Luiz then fell while holding his leg. However, he smiled instead of in pain due to Rafael’s attack.

This incident triggered the reaction of the other players from both teams and there was a push of each other.

The referee then gave a red card to Rafael because he was deemed to have committed a violent foul.

The match ended with Chelsea’s 1-0 win through Juan Mata’s goal.

3. Javier Hernandes Offside Goal

The Chelsea vs Manchester United match on October 28, 2012 is also a controversial match between the two teams.

This match was hot. Several times there was friction between the players of the two teams on the field. David Luiz with Antonio Valencia and Robin van Persie, for example.

The climax was in the second half when home striker Fernando Torres received a second yellow card. He was caught diving in front of the Man Utd penalty box when he got an obstacle from Jonny Evans.

The more annoyed Chelsea camp, when Javier Hernandes broke into Peter Cech’s goal in an offside position.

Starting from Van Persie’s kick which was blocked by Cech. Hernandes tried to chase wild balls, but the Chelsea players managed to throw them away. The ball was then struck by Rafael towards the Chelsea goal and Hernandes deflected in front of the goal.

On replays, Hernandes was seen in an offside position as he was behind two Chelsea defenders and stood level with Cech before deflecting the ball.

Referee Mark Clattenburg still approved the goal, despite strong protests from Chelsea players. Man Utd came home with three points thanks to a single ‘offside’ goal from Hernandes.

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