3 Poirier Weapons to Destroy McGregor at UFC 257

Dustin Poirier will again challenge Conor McGregor at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi, Sunday (24/1). Here are the weapons that Poirier can use in destroying McGregor.

Many people think that after the defeat to McGregor in September 2014 at UFC 178, Poirier experienced a rapid increase.

During his career at UFC, Poirier won 7 KO / TKO wins, mostly through punches. However, Poirier also has another attack that can defeat his opponent.

Poirier has a good report card in rematches or rematches. During his career at UFC, Poirier recorded two rematches, against Eddie Alvarez and Max Holloway.

Poirier’s first rematch occurred when he clashed with Alvarez at UFC on FOX, July 2018. Poirier won the duel by TKO with a blow in the second round.

Poirier’s first encounter with Alvarez took place at UFC 211, May 2017. However the duel was stopped in the second round after Alvarez was deemed to have carried out an illegal knee strike.

Poirier’s second repeat duel was held against Max Holloway at UFC 236, April 2019. This time Poirier won against Holloway. In the first duel with Holloway at UFC 143, February 2012, Poirier won by submission.

3 Poirier Weapons to Destroy McGregor in UFC 257:

1. Left Hand
Poirier’s left shot is quite famous in the UFC. Eddie Alvarez is one of Poirier’s left hand victims. In the duel, Poirier released many of the left jabs lodged in Alvarez’s face.

When Poirier attacks his opponent with a left punch to the nose or chin, it is certain that the fight will be won by The Diamond.

2. Fighting Style
Poirier is a fighter with a southpaw style, who tends to use his left hand as a main weapon. Even when he was standing in a southpaw style, Poirier was still able to hit a measured punch, then continued to press his opponent, which was combined with a right hook to destroy the opponent.

However, Poirier can also change his fighting style in an orthodox way, but still uses his left hand as a mainstay.

This was once done by Poirier against Joe Duffy, he moved in an orthodox manner but released a left cross to open the attack and destroy with a right hook.

3. Low kicks
Although he is considered more skilled at using the left hand, Poirier is a solid fighter who uses kicks as a secret weapon. A low kick could be the key for Poirier to shake McGregor before beating him.

Poirier’s shot is a powerful weapon that often escapes opponent’s eyes. Poirier played not only his left kick but also his right foot. Max Holloway was the losing opponent to Poirier’s low right-hand shot before being crushed with an overhand left.

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