4 Cm That Separates Liverpool from the Premier League Title

Tight, that’s the word that can describe how the competition between Manchester City and Liverpool in the race for the English League title.

Manchester City ensure themselves to be champions of the Premier League 2018-2019 after successfully maintaining a point advantage from closest competitor, Liverpool.

Man City’s 4-1 victory over Brighton and Hove Albion made Liverpool’s full points achieved in vain.

However, it is undeniable that Liverpool actually was very close to the title they had dreamed of for 29 years.

This can be shown from the difference in Liverpool’s points collection with Man City which is only one point. Man City collected 98 points, while Liverpool gained 97 points.

Seeing the fact that Man City have a better goal difference, Liverpool are actually just two points away from the historic moment of their English Premier League title breaker.

Interestingly, from that point advantage, Man City might be thankful for the goal line technology, one of the most up-to-date tools in the football world.

Because, twice, Man City was saved. It was ratified two times and the crucial goal was annulled when a limited referee’s view might not be able to decide correctly.

The first event occurred when Man City hosted Liverpool in the second half of the Premier League in January this year. At that time, the victory was an absolute target for the Citizens since they were 7 points behind the Reds who led the table.

Unfortunately, the turmoil in front of the goal almost made Man City concede first if John Stones did not swiftly sweep the ball out. Yes, almost, because most of the ball has crossed the Man City goal line. Only 11 mm (or 1.1 cm) of the diameter of the ball on the white line.

A distance of 1 cm, which might be equivalent to the width of a capsule-shaped drug, might not be too much considered when making a decision with the naked eye.

But not so in the FIFA Laws of the Game. It is explained that the goal is declared valid if all parts of the ball have crossed the line under the crossbar.

The Citizens themselves finally won 2-1 and successfully cut the gap points with Liverpool to just four points.

While the second event occurred when Man City beat Burnley with a score of 1-0 in April. At that time, Man City’s goal also sparked a debate because Sergio Aguero’s kick at a glance was thrown out of the goal by Burnley defender Matthew Lowton.

But with the goal line technology, players cannot protest because the referee has received a signal that Aguero’s shot was scored. In replays, it does seem that the distance between the ball and the goal line is also very thin. The position of the ball’s outermost point is only 29.5 mm (almost 3 cm) behind the goal line when Lowton holds Aguero’s kick using his chest.

Indeed it cannot be concluded conclusively that if Liverpool’s goal is passed then they will not lose 1-2 or Man City only draw if Aguero’s goal is not considered.

However, this can be a picture of how small details can be a differentiator in a fierce competition. Only 4 cm and that distance is indeed worthy of being used by Man City to follow Liverpool’s points acquisition to finally defend the Premier League title.


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