4 Players Who Will Become Manchester United Backbones for the Next Season

Manchester United (MU) underwent the 2019/20 season with less than the maximum performance. Instead of competing for champions, the team nicknamed the Red Devils were forced to only race to finish in the European zone

MU is ranked fifth in the English League standings with 52 points. As of week 32, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s troops won 14 wins, 10 draws and 8 defeats.

Although unstable, MU fans should breathe a sigh of relief. Because towards the end of the season, Solskjaer began to find the right team composition.

At the very least, MU’s capital for next season began to take shape at the end of this season. Solskjaer also seems to only need to find a few players in the transfer market.

So, who will be the backbone of MU next season? Here are four of them.

Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes’ arrival at Old Trafford on the January exchange was like an oasis. The Portuguese player revived Manchester United’s midfield, which was lethargic.

His presence made striker Marcus Rashford’s burden to build the attack a little reduced. Fernandes is able to be a bridge between the backline and frontline.

According to statistical records, Fernandes has appeared 13 times and scored six goals for Manchester United.

Paul Pogba

Pogba’s career at Manchester United was at the forefront when it was still handled by Jose Mourinho. But under the tutelage of Solskjaer, the French midfielder was able to rise.

Pogba’s trip this season has been plagued by injuries that have forced him to miss quite a while. The public also had assumed that Pogba’s career at MU was over.

However, that assumption seems wrong. Pogba managed to rise in the last few MU matches and became the motor of the team’s attack.

His duet with Bruno Fernandes in midfield was considered promising. In the next season, he and Fernandes could be MU’s deadliest weapon.

Marcus Rashford

Who would have thought, Rashford would incarnate MU in this season. At the age of 22, Rashford’s maturity was apparent.

Outside the field, he actively helps people affected by corona. Similar maturity he showed when defending MU on the field.

This season, Rashford has collected 19 goals in 35 appearances. Solskjaer also just seems to need to wait for Rashford to be at the peak of his career.

David de Gea

David de Gea is perhaps the most battered player at MU. Some blunders often make MU lose crucial points.

However, the role of De Gea seems to have not been replaced under the rule. The Spanish goalkeeper is still considered the best.

Evidently, Solskjaer still chose him as the main goalkeeper in every match. Nevertheless, De Gea should not be careless.

The former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper must prove he still deserves to be MU’s main goalkeeper. In the next season, De Gea could not help but have to perform better.

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