4 Premier League Clubs in the European Semi Final Competition

The achievements of the British representatives in the European competition are very impressive. After Liverpool and Tottenham in the Champions League, Arsenal and Chelsea now make it four Premier League teams that have never been before in the semi-finals of the UEFA competition.

Arsenal and Chelsea managed to finish the match with a victory in their Europa League quarter-finals.

According to Premierleague.com (4/19/19), the last time four English clubs were in the semi-finals of the European competition was in the 1983/84 season, when there were three UEFA competitions. They are Liverpool (European Cup), Manchester United (Cup Winners), Nottingham Forest and Spurs (UEFA Cup).


Chelsea made it through Slavia Prague with a tense 4-3 victory at Stamford Bridge early on Friday (19/4/19). In the first leg Chelsea won 1-0 so they won in two legs and 5-3 on aggregate.

Pedro, the Chelsea player from Spain managed to score two goals. A goal was scored by Olivier Giroud while another goal was suicide by Slavia Prague players.

While the visitors’ 3 goals from the Czech Republic each produced 2 goals by P Sevcik and another from T Soucek. The results of the game made Chelsea build a 4-3 advantage.

In the big round of 4 Chelsea will face Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt. The first leg took place on Friday (3/4/19) followed by the second leg a week later.

Meanwhile in the competition for the top 4 of the Premier League, Chelsea will host Burnley in the 34th matchweek match.


Alexandre Lacazette was the figure who determined Arsenal’s victory when the Gunners visited Napoli, Italy. His free kick in the first half contributed to Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Napoli.

When the first leg at the Emirates, they were also 1-0 up so they added an aggregate advantage to 2-0 from the first leg. In the semi-final, Unai Emery’s team will face Valencia, a Spanish club that was once cared for by Emery.

Meanwhile in the Premier League competition, Arsenal will host Crystal Palace on Sunday (21/4/19) to maintain their fourth position in the standings.

The success of Arsenal and Chelsea completes the success of Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur who qualified for the Champions League semi-final. Four Premier League clubs show their dominance in the European competition arena. Of the 4 clubs, 3 clubs are from London, namely Hotspur, Chelsea and Arsenal.

They in the semi-finals did not meet each other. In the Champions League semi-final, Liverpool faced Barcelona and Hotspur faced Ajax.

So is it interesting to look forward to whether the English clubs will meet in the final of European competition namely Arsenal vs Chelsea in the European League and Liverpool vs Hotspur in the Champions League?

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