5 Barcelona Players Who Will Shine Under Xavi Hernandez

A number of Barcelona players are predicted to shine under Xavi Hernandez. The 41-year-old tactician is believed to be able to improve the quality of the players below.

Of course, in the end, Barcelona’s achievements will be boosted if these players experience an increase in performance. So, who are the players in question?

Here are 5 Barcelona players who will shine under Xavi Hernandez:

5. Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia actually broke into the Barcelona main squad before Xavi Hernandez arrived at Camp Nou as coach. However, the performance of this 20-year-old defender is believed to be much more crazy under the control of Xavi Hernandez.

When Barcelona won 1-0 against Espanyol last weekend in Xavi Hernandez’s debut match, Eric Garcia appeared like a strong fortress with Gerard Pique. In a way, Eric Garcia will be prepared by Xavi Hernandez as the successor to Gerard Pique who is no longer young (34 years old).

4 Gavi

Gavi’s name is sticking out this season. Only 17 years old, Gavi has penetrated the Barcelona main squad. As a result, Gavi was called up to the Spanish national team and has now recorded four caps.

One of Gavi’s strengths is that he can play in many positions such as winger and midfielder. Since when he was active as a player, Xavi started as a midfielder, he is believed to know very well how to develop the potential of this young man.

3. Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele is a glass-footed player. It is said that because the French player is often injured. This season, Dembele has only played once due to a hamstring problem he got at Euro 2020. However, Ousmane Dembele can be far from injured, considering that Barcelona have just brought in a number of new physiotherapists. For your information, Xavi Hernandez asked the club management to fire the old physiotherapist and replace him with a quality one. 

2 Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets is the more senior player than the names mentioned above. This one player is 33 years old! Even though he is in the old category, Sergio Busquets’ quality in controlling the game is still one of the best in the world. 

Therefore, in order to get maximum results, Xavi Hernandez must maximize the quality of Sergio Busquets. Can Xavi Hernandez be able to bring out the optimal ability of the 188-centimeter tall midfielder? 

1. Ansu Fati

Ansu Fati is predicted to be The Next Lionel Messi. Giving the number 10 back is one proof of Barcelona’s trust in this 18-year-old player. However, Ansu Fati’s potential will not develop if it is held by the wrong person. 

Therefore, Xavi Hernandez is the right person to develop Ansu Fati’s potential to the maximum point. This season, Ansu Fati has collected four goals from eight matches. Unfortunately, this nimble player must be absent until early next year due to injury.

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