5 successful caretaker in English Premier League

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had been appointed as United interim manager (caretaker) to replace Jose Mourinho who has been sacked last month. OGS will be the one in charge of United until the end of the 2018/2019 season.
Solskjaer could be conssider in a bad position as he was the one chosen to replace Mourinho. Even Mourinho reaps some bad results before the end of his tenure in Manchester but his overall managerial career was still consider very successful.
There are a lot of skeptics out there who not believe that OGS will have what it takes to bring the best result for the Red Devils due to his bad managerial record back in Cardiff City. But United fans have nothing to be worry about.
There were 5 manager who succeeded when they were appointed as the temporary caretaker.
Glenn Roeder (Newcastle United)
Newcastle was not performing well in the 2005-2006 season despite have 2 qualities striker in Michael Owen and Alan Shearer. The coach of that time Graeme Souness was then sacked from his position as manager and being replaced by Glenn Roeder.
When Roeder was in charged, Newcastle was exactly in the degradation zone. However, the interim manager was able to give positive vibes and help Newcastle to win 10 matches and only lose 3 matches in the total 15 remaining game.
In the end, The Magpies was able to finish the season in the 7th position of the standing table and earned them a ticket to Intertoto cup. Roeded was then being offer a permanent contract and ironically being sacked in the next season.
Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
Dalglish was the appointed caretaker for Liverpool to replace Roy Hodgson who was sacked by the club in 2011. Hodgson left Liverpool in the 12th position in the Premier League standings.
Under the tenure of King Kenny. The Reds was able to win 10 matches and draw 4 times in the total 18 games left in that season. Liverpool ended the season in 6th position and was seem to be able to perform better than Hodgson.
Due to that, Dalglish was then offered to be a permanent coach for Liverpool in the summer of 2011. Despite being able to bring in 1 of EFL Cup – first trophy for Liverpool since 2006 – King Kenny was then sacked in the summer of 2012 after finishing at 8th position in EPL.
Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea)
Ex Chelsea midfielder, Roberto Di Matteo was appointed as the caretaker in the early of March 2012 after Chelsea sacked Andre Villas-Boas. When Di Matteo was incharged, Chelsea was in the 5th of the EPL standings and they almost consider to have to chance to win Premier League.
However, the whole thing was change when Di Matteo bring in the first FA Cup after defeating Liverpool 2-1 in the final.
And that win giving a big boost in confidence for all of the Chelsea players as their keep perform at their best until they won the Champions League Cup by beating Bayern Munich.
Craig Shakespearce (Leicester City)
After winning their very first Premier League, Leicester then perform very bad in the next season dan they have to sacked Claudio Ranieri for that. The Foxes was then appointed the assistant coach Craig Shakespearce as caretaker.
The appointment could bring in some good air for Leicester City as they saw their league performance improve and they could finish strong in Champions League as well.
The good performance in overall was then converted in contract extension for Craig Shakespearce. Unfortunatelly, Shakespearce could not reproduce his midas touch for Leicester in the next season and was sacked 3 months aftwerward.
Guus Hiddink (Chelsea)
The dutch legendary coach Guus Hiddink was 2 times caretaker for Chelsea and he could bring in some good result in the both tenure. However Hiddink was never been offered a permanent contract.
His first appointment was back in 2008/09 season when he came in to Chelsea to replace Luis Felipe Scolari.
Guus Hiddink brought Chelsea to win 11 matches in the total of 13 remaining games and also give Chelsea a FA Cup for that season.
The second tenure was almost similar to what has happened in Solskjaer, he was appointed in December of 2015 to fix the mess left behind by the same manager Jose Mourinho.
Chelsea was sitting in the 16th position when Hiddink was appointed. Despite he could not bring in any trophy in this term, Chelsea was unbeaten for total 12 matches and they claimed up the table in the 10th position.

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