5 Facts about Butet, The Badminton Legend

For badminton fans, Butet’s name is familiar. She is Liliyana Natsir, Indonesian woman who has succeeded in impressing the world. With her amazing achievements in the world of badminton, she has madeh her country proud.

Here are some facts about the badminton legend:

  1. Played Badminton since Child
    Liliyana Natsir has really liked badminton since she was 4 years old and she managed to win an inter-school badminton competition in Manado, her hometown. At the age of 9 years Liliyana entered one of the Manado badminton club named PB. Pisok Manado. She finally moved to Jakarta and joining club PB Tangkas before finally in 2009 accepted the offer of PB Djarum. It is one of the largest badminton club in Indonesia.
  2. Won 52 titles
    The list of medals that Butet won is as below:
    1 Olympic Gold And Silver Medalist
    4 World Champions
    1 World Cup Champion
    3 Times All England Champion
    2 Asian Championships
    5 Sea Games
    36 Bwf Calendar Tournament Champions
  3. Obtained Two Olympic Medals
    The first medal was won when he was paired with Nova Widianto. At that time she failed to get gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics after beaten by players from South Korea.

    Eight years later Liliyana managed to get Olympic gold medal in Brazil in 2016, Butet with Tontowi Ahmad managed to get Olympic gold after defeating players from Malaysia in two straight sets.
  4. Achieved three titles in a row at the All England
    Together with Tontowi Ahmad, Butet also managed to get the All England title after 33 years Indonesia missed the title. Finally Owi and Butet managed to get the title in 2012 after beating players from Denmark. Moreover, the victory continued for the next 2 years.
  5. Ranked 1st in the World
    Just the same as Nova Widianto, who has ever been ranked 1st in the world, Lilyana has also succeeded in bringing her partner Tontowi Ahmad to be ranked 1st in the world in 2018

Butet proved that even though she did not attend high school, she managed to bring and fly her country flag in the international arena. With passion and hardwork, she managed to gain huge success. In addition, her tactical awareness, game vision, and dominance at the front court are considered among the best.

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