5 Ferocious Chelsea Strikers in The Era of Roman Abramovich: From Hernan Crespo to Didier Drogba

Roman Abramovich’s presence at Chelsea since 2003 immediately brought a big impact. Since then, this Russian tycoon has loved spending a lot of money to bring in quality players.

Roman Abramovich came to Chelsea when the club had financial problems. His presence at Stamford Bridge then immediately made the debt owned by Chelsea paid off.

After paying off debt, Roman Abramovich then made Chelsea a star-studded team. Quality players are brought in to fill the Blues squad.

Chelsea under Abramovich dared to pay expensive players. That’s what makes a lot of quality players willing to defend Chelsea.

The choice made by Abramovich was fruitful. Chelsea managed to become a top club in England because it won a number of domestic and international titles.

Chelsea’s success in recent years cannot be separated from the sharp attackers that exist. Their presence makes the Chelsea front line respected opponents and sharp.

So, who are the sharpest strikers Chelsea have had since the Roman Abramovich era?

Salomon Kalou

Salomon Kalou was brought by Chelsea from Feyenoord in 2006. Players from Ivory Coast were transported at a cost of £ 9 million.

Although it is rarely the first choice, Salomon Kalou has an important role at Chelsea. Overall, Kalou managed to appear 254 times and contributed 60 goals and 44 assists.

Thanks to his ability on the front lines, Kalou managed to help Chelsea win a number of titles. With Kalou, Chelsea won one league title, six domestic trophies, and one Champions League title.

Hernan Crespo

Hernan Crespo joined Chelsea from Inter Milan in 2003. At that time, the Argentine was transported at a cost of 16.8 million pounds.

While at Chelsea, Hernan Crespo did have a period of two loan periods, namely with AC Milan and Inter Milan. However, still Crespo became the best striker ever carried off Chelsea.

Overall, Crespo recorded 73 appearances and scored 25 goals and four assists. Crespo also managed to present a league title and a domestic cup.

Nicolas Anelka

Chelsea brought Nicolas Anelka from Bolton Wanderers in 2018. The Frenchman was brought in a dowry of £ 15 million.

Anelka directly inhabits Chelsea’s front lines. Its presence makes the front lines of the Blues sharper.

Overall, Anelka made 184 appearances and scored 59 goals and 38 assists. Anelka also helped Chelsea win one league title and three domestic cup titles.

Diego Costa

Diego Costa joined Chelsea in 2014. The Spaniard was brought in from Atletico Madrid for £ 32 million.

Diego Costa found no obstacles in the early presence at Chelsea. The 31-year-old player immediately became an important part of the team.

In total, Diego Costa performed 120 matches, scoring 58 goals and 24 assists. Diego Costa also managed to present two league titles and one domestic trophy.

In 2017, Diego Costa decided to leave and return to Atletico Madrid. However, Diego Costa remains a successful striker who has ever had Chelsea.

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba has been the sharpest striker Chelsea has had since the Roman Abramovich era. The Ivory Coast player strengthened Chelsea in two periods namely 2004-2012 and 2014-2015.

Drogba joined Chelsea from Marseille in 2004 for £ 24 million. Drogba became the first player to be brought by Chelsea in the Roman Abramovich era.

Overall, Drogba appeared 381 times and scored 164 goals and 86 assists. Drogba was also part of Chelsea’s success in winning four league titles, nine domestic trophies, and one Champions League title.

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