5 Interesting Facts Ahead of Irene Sukandar vs GothamChess Duel

5 Interesting Facts Ahead of Irene Sukandar vs GothamChess Duel

The duel of Irene Kharisma Sukandar vs GothamChess alias Levy Rozman in the blitz battle will take place on Wednesday (31/3) night at 22.00 WIB.

This match promises to be an interesting chess piece. This is because Irene and GothamChess both hold the title of International Master (IM).

Irene and GothamChess will compete online after Irene wins the duel against Dadang Subur, also known as Dewa Kipas. The 28-year-old chess player won 3-0 victory over Dewa Kipas.

The Irene vs GothamChess duel will also be different from the Irene vs Dewa Kipas match. In the match, Irene and GothamChess will compete with the blitz chess system.

That way, Irene and GothamChess are required to think quickly and correctly to be able to win this exhibition match.

Here are five facts ahead of the Irene vs GothamChess duel:

  1. GothamChess has a higher rating than Irene for the Blitz Chess category. GothamChess has a rating of 2376 to 2313 of Irene.
  2. GothamChess currently ranks 5653 in the world. Meanwhile, Irene is ranked 2664 in the world.
  3. Irene has presented four medals during her participation in the SEA Games. The details are two gold medals at the 2013 SEA Games, a bronze medal at the 2011 SEA Games, and a silver medal at the 2003 SEA Games.
  4. GothamChess has been defeated by six chess players from Indonesia. The US chess player was defeated by GM Novendra Priasmoro, IM Gilbert Elroy Tarigan, WIM Chelsie Monica, FM Masruri Rahman, Satria Duta, and Dewa Kipas.
  5. Irene is the number one female chess player in Indonesia. For the general category, Irene is in fifth place after Susanto Megaranto, Novendra Priasmoro, Yoseph Theofilus Taher, and Sean Winshand Cuhendi.

The online duel between Indonesian chess player Irene Kharisma Sukandar vs GothamChess is predicted to end in a draw.

The prediction was revealed by the Head of PB Percasi’s Performance Development and Improvement Division Kristianus Liem to CNNIndonesia.com.

“I think the results can be draw, because Irene and GothamChess have their own advantages,” said Kristianus by telephone.

Kristianus further explained that Irene is a person who is diligent and highly dedicated. Both when undergoing practice and theory of chess games.

Not only that, Irene, who has the title of Women Grand Master, also often takes lessons from being diligent in watching videos of world grand masters’ matches. That is one of Irene’s strengths as a chess player.

“Meanwhile, GothamChess’ strengths are being an online chess player which is a daily job. The habit of playing chess while commenting on matches is a common thing to do,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Irene, called Kristianus, has only been learning to play chess while talking for the past month. Therefore, Irene is not used to living the daily activities that GothamChess has been doing for a long time.

“For Irene to play chess while talking can make her focus disappear. If she talks while taking a step, her steps will blunder,” said Kristianus.

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