5 Scenarios for Liverpool to Qualify for the Champions League

Tickets to the Champions League next season can be owned by Liverpool by fulfilling a number of conditions. Here’s how the Reds can get to the Champions League next season.

Currently Liverpool are ranked fourth in the Premier League, or the lower limit of the Champions League. Liverpool have this achievement after beating Burnley 3-0 in the midweek match.

However, that position is not completely safe for Liverpool. The 2019/2020 Premier League champions can still be shifted by Leicester City, which is one place below.

Liverpool’s determination to qualify for the Champions League will be decided in the last Premier League match this season, this weekend.

In Week 38 which is held simultaneously on Sunday (23/5), Liverpool will host Crystal Palace at Anfield Stadium. Meanwhile, Leicester against Tottenham Hotspur.

Chelsea is also another team that is still hunting for Champions League tickets. The Blues themselves will face Aston Villa at Villa Park.

On paper, the match will benefit Liverpool for dueling in front of the public itself.

Even though it has a number of advantages, the result against Palace will still make Jurgen Klopp’s team have to see the final score of their rivals.

5 Ways Liverpool to Champions League:

1. Leicester Held by Tottenham

Liverpool first need to know the final result that Leicester won against Tottenham, because the Foxes are the Reds’ main competitors.

If Leicester draw against Tottenham, then Liverpool must never lose to Palace. Currently, Liverpool are above Leicester in the Premier League standings because of the advantage on goal difference.

If Liverpool do not lose to Palace and Leicester fail to win with Tottenham, based on calculations and the ranking system in the Premier League, Liverpool will qualify for the Champions League.

Leicester itself has the potential to be tackled by Tottenham, because at the same time, The Lilywhites are still eager to appear in Europe next season. One of the ways for Tottenham to Europe is to win the last match against Leicester. However, that result must also see the incision of West Ham United vs Southampton.

2. Win Against Palace

In order to really ensure a ticket to the Champions League, Liverpool must win big over Palace. With the victory, Liverpool’s goal difference will remain superior to Leicester and the standings remain above the 2020/2021 FA Cup winners.

As an illustration, currently Liverpool are only 4 goals ahead of Leicester, on goal difference. If Jordan Henderson and his friends only win 1-0 while Leicester can beat Tottenham 6-0, then Merseyside Red will be displaced from the big four.

Liverpool’s chances of winning over Palace are wide open if you look at the report cards of the two teams’ meeting. In the last seven matches in the Premier League, Liverpool have always won over Palace.

3. Chelsea Lose

In addition to monitoring the results of Leicester vs Tottenham, Liverpool can also look at Chelsea’s final score from Villa. If the Blues lose to Villa, the result will automatically benefit Liverpool.

Currently, Chelsea are only one point ahead of Liverpool, but have lost on goal difference. Therefore, if Chelsea lose while Liverpool don’t fall from Palace, Liverpool can be above Chelsea.

4. Liverpool Draw

A draw with Palace could still qualify Liverpool for the Champions League. The condition is that Leicester fail to win with Tottenham, either only playing a draw or losing.

Chelsea’s defeat at Villa also kept Liverpool in the top four despite the draw with Palace. If Chelsea wins, while Liverpool draws, Mohamed Salah and his friends’ only hope is Leicester, who failed to win against Tottenham.

Even if Leicester draw and Liverpool also draw, Merseyside Red will remain on goal difference with both teams level on points, 67.

5/ Lose from Palace

The defeat to Palace will not close Liverpool’s chances of going to the Champions League next season, as long as Leicester also lose to Tottenham at the same time.

However, the defeat score needs to be considered. If the score for Leicester’s defeat to Tottenham is greater than that suffered by Liverpool from Palace, Mohamed Salah and his friends remain safe in the top four.

However, if Liverpool lose badly to Palace and Leicester only narrowly lose to Tottenham, thus making Leicester’s goal difference better than Liverpool, then the Reds will be eliminated.

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