6 Former Wrestlers Dramatic Body Transformations after Leaving WWE

Former Wrestlers

Wrestling is a full-contact combat sport. It requires a specific level of interest to be a dedicated wrestler along with the right skill set, stamina, and endurance.

Muscles and wrestling have a curious relationship as wrestlers all have to find that balance between power and weight.

But do you know? There are 6 former WWE superstars dramatic body transformations after leaving WWE:

#1: Edge

Former WWE superstars Edge had an average physique during his final year in the company as of late, Edge has been working hard to get in better shape. Edge recently posted a photo on his social media of his newly transformed physique as says that he got into better shape for a movie that he is starring in.

#2: John Morrison

Morrison was in good shape when he was a star in WWE, but today John is now in his forties and he’s now in the best shape of his life.

#3: Jack Hager

Hager was known as Jack Swagger in WWE. Jack started gaining weight and fans took notice of his ever expanding waistline. But today the 37-year-old man has lost that excess weight and now is in truly amazing shape as he competes both in MMA.

#4: Chris Jericho

Back when Jericho was in WWE, was in WWII, he had a somewhat slender and toned physique and a flat stomach, but Jericho has put on weight some of him muscle and some of it body fat. But according to him, he intentionally transformed his body to the way that it looks a day.

#5: Dean Ambrose

AW star Jon Moxley was known as Dean Ambrose in WWE. And during his final year in the company, he added a lot of muscle while rehabbing his triceps injury and he had a more bulky look. Jumped to now Ambrose has lost some of that bulky muscle and now has a longer leaner look. Many fans have remark that the 33-year-old wrestler looks to be in the best shape of his career.

#6: Alberto Del Rio

When Alberto Del Rio debuted in WWE, he didn’t have very much muscle and some fans said that he was a bit flabby, but today Alberto has transformed his physique and is now completely shredded and is added tons of new muscle and lost the unneeded body fat.

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