Adonis Stevenson wants to fight Jean Pascal

It has now become a refrain whenever Canadian boxer Adonis Stevenson gets ready to defend his WBC lightweight title, but his rival’s choice leaves him blusher.

The misunderstanding probably reached an all-time high this time, while Stevenson’s compulsory challenger Eleder Alvares will still have to put his position at stake in a fight against Jean Pascal and nothing say that the winner of this duel will face the champion in the near future.

“My dream is to unify the titles,” Stevenson said during a press conference last Friday. “Along with my manager, Al Haymon, we’re certainly moving in that direction. As a champion, I have the right to unify the tiles and I would like that.

“I take on all the challenges, but in the end, it’s not me who decides. I have no problem to face Alvarez or Pascal, but not Haymon, Premier Boxing Champions and television. I repeat: Personally, I have no problem to face Alvarez or Pascal.

“My dear Jean Pascal, why did not the fight come between you and me? I will explain why, we made an offer to Pascal 30 percent, but Pascal had an offer from whom? It was from Kovalev, and what did you choose?” he asked.

In that press conference, Stevenson was significantly more nuanced in explaining why he has not yet faced his compulsory contender Alvarez to this day. “It’s a calculated risk. It’s a matter of supply and demand,” Stenenson claimed.

On the other side, former WBC light-heavy champion Jean Pascal never followed Stevenson’s words, but he listened carefully during that press conference.

“Stevenson has no lessons to give me,” Pascal told media. “You know how easy it is to have the distribution, but it was not the time to give him answer. I abstained. Everything in his time, I was here for Alvarez.” Pascal added.


Adonis Stevenson celebrates his boxing triumph with his belts. (

Meanwhile, Pascal’s coach Stephan Larouche tells Adonis did not know how the boxing business works recently. “Adonis may not have fully understood how the boxing business works,” Stephan Larouche told media. “I found it out of place, at the limit of the problem. But Jhon has experience and wisdom, and that is now part of his strengths.” he added.

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