After being massacred by Brentford 4-0, Ten Hag apologizes to Man United fans

After being massacred by Brentford 4-0, Ten Hag apologizes to Man United fans

Manchester United has been surprisingly bad again in the Premier League this season.

Most recently, Manchester United was crushed at the headquarters of Brentford with a landslide score of 4-0

Manchester United’s 0-4 defeat of the club nicknamed The Bees was presented at the Brentford Community Stadium, ahead of Sunday (14/8/2022).

Manchester United’s new coach, Erik ten Hag, reacted.

The Dutch coach argued that Man United’s goal was conceded due to individual errors.

But there was something more troubling to him. He assessed that his team did not carry out the tactical plans that had been prepared.

At the same time, he saw the host showing more hunger.

He began to experience difficulty to apply his ideas. The coach had a hard time believing what was happening.

Especially when in 35 minutes, they have conceded four goals.

“That’s not possible. The team must take responsibility. I apologize to the fans who did everything to support us. We let them down,” said Ten Hag, quoted by Pedia content from the club’s official website.

Man United is at the bottom of the standings with two consecutive defeats in the first two Premier League matches.

Previously, the Red Devils were humiliated by Brighton and Hove Albion in the opening match with a score of 2-1.

The fact of Manchester United’s defeat also made a number of fans furious.

Ten Hag acknowledged that. After evaluating, he felt there was something wrong with the mentality of Marcus Rashford and his teammates.

He did not doubt the technical quality of these players.

However, what happened was that the Red Devils seemed to have lost their confidence. All played under ideal form.

“I asked them to play with confidence and take responsibility for their performance. That’s what we didn’t do,” said Ten Hag.

Next, Manchester United will have a tough match against Liverpool.

The duel took place at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, Tuesday (23/8/2022).

As an act of protest by Manchester fans against Manchester United’s performance, many then echoed the hashtag to vacate Old Trafford in the match against Liverpool.

Legend and former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand admitted that he had a headache when he learned that his favorite team was massacred by Brentford with a landslide score of 4-0.

Manchester United’s shock 0-4 defeat to Brentford left the fans in mourning.

One of them is Rio Ferdinand, who tweeted a link on Twitter in a half-joking tone.

“Brentford slapped us. My phone will be turned off, my head hurts, my heart…needs help,” Ferdinand said.

Rio Ferdinand is active on Twitter and has around 11.4 million followers.

Ferdinand then wrote that he would either be out of action or off the grid. “We are at the bottom (of the standings). I’m going off the grid,” he wrote on Twitter.

Quoted from the Pedia content from the Detik Sport page, of course many people replied to Ferdinand’s tweet.

“The problem is, they won’t be in the Premier League in 2023 if they stay like this,” one commented.

But there are also those who criticize it. “You guys are part of the problem. You have the power to get fans to protest the Glazers. You have to do everything to get the Glazers to sell Manchester United,” added another Man United fan.

“Instead of just sitting around the media and television and saying nothing, raise a voice against the Glazers,” wrote another.

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