After Scoring One Goal, Yacobi Fell Unconscious

The legendary Indonesian national team striker Ricky Yacobi died at Mintoharjo Hospital, Jakarta, on Saturday (21/11/2020). Ricky Yacobi was rushed to Mintoharjo Hospital after suffering a heart attack while playing football at the Trofeo Medan Selection event at Lapangan A Senayan, Jakarta.

One of the players who competed in the Trofeo Medan Selection, Lody Hutabarat, told the chronology of the death of Ricky Yacobi, also known as Ricky Yacob. Lody said that the player who also presented the gold medal at the 1987 SEA Games for Indonesia scored his last goal before he fell unconscious.

Lody said that Ricky Yacobi played for 15 minutes with his team before finally scoring a goal. But unfortunately, Ricky Yacobi has not had time to celebrate for his last goal. Ricky Yacobi fell on his stomach as he was about to celebrate the goal he scored at the Trofeo Medan Selection.

When examined, the legend of the Indonesian national team was unconscious. The other players on the field immediately gave first aid by trying to pull out Ricky Yacobi’s tongue and perform CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. However, Rikcy Yacobi was still unconscious.

The man born March 21, 1963 was then rushed to Mintoharjo Hospital. However, Ricky Yacobi’s life was not saved. Ricky Yacobi died at the age of 57 of a heart attack. While still working as a professional soccer player, Ricky Yacobi made a valuable contribution to Indonesia.

He is a member of the Indonesian national team who won the 1987 SEA Games gold. Ricky Yacobi is also the first Indonesian player to have a career in the Japanese League (J-League).

He had a career in the Japanese League with Matsushita Electric FC, the club which was the forerunner to the formation of Gamba Osaka. Ricky Yacobi was recruited by Matsushita Electric FC in 1988, following a neat performance with Arseto Solo and the Indonesian national team at the 1986 Asian Games.

However, Ricky Yacobi’s career with Matsushita did not last long. Ricky Yacobi was unable to adapt to the cold weather in Sakura Country. He also only played four games with a score of one goal. Nevertheless, Ricky Yacobi is still known as a pioneer in invading Indonesian players to foreign leagues.

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