Ajax Amsterdam Esports Team Launches Collaboration Focusing on Mobile Gaming

Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax or commonly known by the name Ajax Amsterdam is one of the professional soccer clubs that has been in the world of esports for a long time. They have had an esports team since 2016, under the name Ajax eSports, and currently consist of six athletes who play in the FIFA game branch. They have also launched FIFA’s educational platform for players around the world, known as the Ajax Gaming Academy.

A few days ago, Ajax Amsterdam had just developed their esports effort in collaboration with the Dutch media and technology company Azerion. According to an announcement on its official website, the collaboration between Ajax and Azerion will run for at least three seasons, and will focus on developing strategies on the mobile platform. Azerion’s position at Ajax eSports is an official mobile gaming partner.

Ajax eSports will help Azerion by encouraging the visibility of their products in the desired target audience. The name Azerion will appear in Ajax matches, instead Azerion will help Ajax in terms of advertising, also provide assistance in developing the Ajax Gaming Academy application which will be launched shortly.

Ajax eSports and Azerion are both aware that mobile games have a big role to play in the lives of sports fans. Azerion’s co-CEO, Atilla Aytekin, said, “Ajax eSports and Azerion are natural partners because we have the same values. We want to inspire fans, players and staff by showing ambition and courage. “

Commercial Director at Ajax, Menno Geelen, reinforces the statement, “Azerion and Ajax eSports have the same ambition: to rule the world with their plans. This shared ambition creates a strong match between the two brands. Their insight (Azerion) has given us a big help. We hope to continue this adventure together. “

From the statements of both parties and the announced contract period, it seems that we can be optimistic that Ajax and Azerion will be partners for a long time, even more than the planned three seasons. According to a report from Esports Insider, Azerion is not the only brand to have long-term collaboration with Ajax in 2019. Ajax eSports has also partnered with the ICONIX energy drink brand in February. In addition, Ajax already has a partnership with Plantronics, Playseat, PayPal, Ziggo, Adidas, and others.

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