Alabama Senate pass the simplified lottery bill

In a recent development, The Alabama Senate passed a simplified lottery bill by a vote of 21-12 days after a separate bill regarding concerns over surrounding the installation of video lottery terminals in the racetracks around the state failed to convince senate members. If it is to be seen then Americans are not that stringent on the gambling laws, and as per the statistics most of them like the idea of winning life changing money for doing nothing much in return.  No doubt lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the US and it is certainly more than Americans spend on the combination of sports/books/games/movies/ music.  As per the reports North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries in the year 2014 dragged in $70.1 billion in sales.

Rep.Alan Harper, R- Northport, the House sponsor of the lottery bill, said he felt “pretty confident.”

“We’ll see when we get there,” Harper said. “We’re going to spend all the time we need answering questions and listening to amendments and taking information, and we’ll see where it goes.”

However Senate added nine amendments to the bill and it did not match the intent of senators, according to the sponsor, Sen.Jim McClendon, R Springville, said

“Today, the House committee adopted a substitute bill that McClendon said was what the Senate intended to pass.”

Not every state has a lottery including Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii and surprisingly even the states like Mississippi or Nevada which are casino states do not have any lottery. The final state which is lottery less is Alabama and now there are moves to change all of that. Less than a week ago a lottery bill sponsored by State Sen.Jim McClendon failed to get the support of Alabama Senate with 20 thumbs down as opposed to 11 thumbs up.

As per the new lottery bill which includes legislation that would allow four dog tracks in the state to install a series of video lottery terminals (VLT). Also, 100% of the money earned through lottery sales would directly go to state coffers. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley simplified the bill and presented to the Senate. Bentley has predicted lottery sales will generate $225 m in annual revenue for the state. The bill will now pass the House of Representatives in November and if successful will head towards the pen of the Governor.

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