Alexis Sanchez the world’s most expensive benchwarmer

The career of Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez can envy other footballers. How come? Only capital sitting on the bench, the winger is able to gain large amounts of money.
Sanchez himself first joined United in January 2018 ago. He moved to Old Trafford with a barter scheme, in which United handed Henrikh Mkhitaryan to move to the Emirates Stadium.
Sanchez’s move to Old Trafford was increasingly shocking to the public when he discovered the value of his contract. MU management is called to pay with a salary of 500 thousand pounds per week.
But unfortunately, the Chilean national team winger failed to make a big impact on the red devil. He had difficulty adapting to the MU first team and added injury problems so he would sit on the bench more this season.
Even though he often sits on the bench, Sanchez can still have fun at United. According to Bwin’s report, Sanchez pocketed large sums of money with only capital sitting on the bench.
According to Bwin’s report, for a year and a half defending United, Sanchez had been sitting on the bench for 917 minutes.
Because the contract is of great value, while sitting on the bench Sanchez managed to produce 4,881,014 pounds or about 90 billion Rupiah.
If further dissected, every minute Sanchez sits on the bench, he will get 98 million rupiah. A tantalizing number
The Bwin report stated that Sanchez was not the only player who made the most money just by sitting on the bench. The name of the Liverpool striker, Daniel Sturridge is referred to as the second most money-making player with capital sitting on the bench.
Bwin’s statistics showed that Daniel Sturridge had spent a total of 2,353 minutes sitting on the bench. During that time, he made 4,648,207 pounds.
Two Manchester City players, Riyad Mahrez and Nicolas Otamendi were ranked third and fourth, both of which made 4,411,053 pounds and 3,776,832 pounds only by sitting on the bench.

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