Allison Becker, the High Quality Goalkeeper

Today, the transfer nominal increases in order to redeem the players. Not only for players with attacking positions (wing and center) who can produce mega-transfers in the footballer’s buying and selling market. However, now the purchase of an expensive footballer also reaches the rear position; goalkeeper. Other goalkeepers – currently also able to seize attention in the transfer market by creating large transactions between clubs related to the player.

In the last few seasons, there have been a number of big transfers that put the goalkeeper ahead. Call it Ederson Moraes (Manchester City), Alisson Becker (Liverpool), and Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea). Judging by the quality of the players, there are indeed those who are very worthy of being valued dearly and some still need to be rethought about the player’s transfer nominal. Here, we can also assess the goalkeeper’s performance based on playing opportunities, team defense quality, and team coordination in defense.

If you see in minutes playing, the name Alisson Becker is superior to the other 2 most expensive goalkeepers – mentioned above. Based on the minutes of play and his experience of competing at the highest level, then, Alisson really deserves to be called the best goalkeeper at the moment.

This can be proven by the record of the cleanse in the England Premier League (EPL) last season (2018/19) which is more than its competitors. Then, his performance was also able to reach the maximum limit in the Champions League, the final at Wanda Metropolitano. Similarly, in the confederation tournament, the Copa America 2019. The Brazilian national team was able to deliver Alisson Becker to the final and also become champions.

It is worth noting that in the Copa America, he was more chosen to guard the Brazilian goal than Ederson Moraes. That means, the coach and team know that Alisson has the quality above Ederson who incidentally had become the most expensive goalkeeper in the Premier League.

We certainly have not been able to find out how the performance of Brazil if the goal is escorted by Ederson Moraes in full in a tournament. Although the quality of the individual Ederson is not far behind Alisson. However, if you look at the performance-especially at the club level, Ederson still blunders more than Alisson. One thing that is certainly quite detrimental to the team and also affects the level of team trust in the player. Especially if it relates to the national team.

Switch to the quality of team defenses. In this factor, Alisson and Ederson are only distinguished at club level. While at the national team level, they both play with quality back players, one of which is certainly still the figure of Thiago Silva. Under the coordination of defense carried out by Silva, the Brazil defense was not too terrible. So, the defensive performance of a team is left complemented by the goalkeeper’s performance.

Here, we cannot compare Alisson with Ederson. Same is the case with Kepa. Kepa at the national team level is still not trusted as the Spanish national team’s main goalkeeper. Because, at La Roja there are still more experienced goalkeepers; David De Gea. So, Kepa can only be juxtaposed with Alisson at club level.

At club level we can see that there is tough competition in the defense of the two EPL top teams. Manchester City and Liverpool. Although Man. City is the champion (2018/19), but about the quality of defense, The Citizens lost to Liverpool, and this is none other than the quality of the Liverpool defense which is far more stable than the Blue Sky.

Not only because there was Alisson but also because of the death duo, Virgil van Dijk and Joel Matip. In fact, Liverpool also still has Dejan Lovren who was previously a mainstay before the arrival of van Dijk. The presence of van Dijk proved to be able to provide an increase in the quality of the Reds’ defense during the season. In fact, van Dijk was able to bring the Dutch national team to reach the UEFA Nations League final last June. That is, van Dijk can be another reason for Alisson’s success at appearing at club level. Through this consideration, for now, indeed only Alisson has the right to be called the best goalkeeper. In fact, maybe Alisson is the most expensive goalkeeper he should be.

However, Alisson’s achievements will not fade with his failure to “sell himself” more expensive in nominal terms. Because, his achievements actually look flashy with his quality and more experience, which in the end makes the former AS Roma able to become the first choice at the club and national team.

Along with higher play hours – compared to the other two most expensive goalkeepers – at club level and national team (in the last three years), it is not surprising that he was able to win many titles in 2019 – especially individual titles. Three titles the best goalkeeper (golden glove) he achieved this year; EPL, Champions League (UCL), and the latest Copa America, have proven that Alisson’s quality can be said above the others.


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