Amir Khan: “Am I going to Fight?

Amir Khan: “Am I going to Fight?

Former world welterweight champion Amir Khan admitted he cannot confirm yet whether he will fight in 2020 or take early retirement.

Khan was hit by an accidental low blow in round six back in December 2018, and during the allocated five-minute recovery time, trainer Virgil Hunter threw in the towel to hand Crawford a TKO victory. The 33-year-old boxer defeated Billy Dib by TKO in the fourth round later in 2019 in Saudi Arabia.

“Am I going to fight again? I don’t know, I’m in two minds. Should I fight? Financially, I’ve done very well for myself. Do I need to do one more fight which could ruin my whole legacy? I don’t know the answer.” Khan said.

“I’m up against myself. I’m debating with myself should I carry on or call it a day? I’m just going to wait and see how I feel after a full training camp. Even if I feel I cannot do it anymore, I can walk away knowing I have done everything.

“My love for boxing is still there and I love boxing to bits. But until I see how I feel after a long, hard, gruelling camp, then I won’t know for sure.” Khan added.

According to reports, the coronavirus death toll in the UK rose by 563 in 24 hours, a record jump that brought the number of patients who died in hospital to 2,352. And Khan admitted he is trying to protect his family by social distancing to avoid corona virus.

“I’m wary because I’m always out and about, meeting people, and I don’t want to bring it into our home. The virus incubates in people and so you could have it and pass it on without knowing.” Khan said.

“I don’t want that to be me. I’m trying not to sleep in the same room and I’m eating my meals in a different room. I’m trying not to pick the baby up, which is hard for me.” he added.

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