Ana Ivanovic won Pan Pacific Open Challenge

Finally Ana Ivanovic won up the title of Pan Pacific Open Challenge. The match was played today in Tokyo against Caroline Wozniacki with a victory of 6 – 2 7 – (7 – 2). The match was totally amazing and her opponent Wozniacki was nailed down by Ana Ivanovic in just one hour 39 minutes. Though Caroline is a wonderful player but this time Ana Ivanovic worked hard and finally she earned the title. Ana 26 this year has won four different titles and it has been reported that she will be moved to rank 5 after her glorious victories. After beating Caroline _77722396_ana_ivanovic_caroline_wozniacki_reuters, Ana Ivanovic said, “Wozniacki is a great offensive player and gets a lot of balls back so it was important for me to come forward and play well at the net.”
During the match in first after getting broken for three times, she finally started making her momentum. In this tournament Ana Ivanovic played completely flawless and she just sealed herself as the winner with great enthusiasm and victory. For setting tiebreak Ana won five out of eight games. Caroline being the number 9th best player was beaten ruthlessly by Ana during Pan Pacific Open Tournament. Though, it was a great defeat for her. Even in US Open Challenge Caroline Wozniacki was beaten up by Serena Williams. It seems as in she is not well prepared for the tournaments this year.
After the win of Ana Ivanovic her chances of getting success in WTA Finals have been increased much. She is going to play with the top eight players from 17 – 26 October. WTA Finals are going to be held in Singapore. So Ana Ivanovic thinks that this would be great chance for making an improvement against Caroline to 5 – 2. She will definitely improve the record against her.
The hopes from the fans of Ana Ivanovic are now pretty much and yes by her physical health it can be concluded that she will perform her best even in WTA Finals too. Besides this match, during WTA Korean Open Challenge Varvara was beaten by Karolina during the final match today. So it seems that for WTA finals competitions are going to be tougher now. After edging down Carolina the expectations of Ana Ivanovic are pretty much high and yes her chances are big too. now let’s see what she is going to do!

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