Andre Agassi Reveals What Makes Novak Djokovic So Great

Andre Agassi

Novak Djokovic now has a frightening combination of fitness, speed, stamina, power, accuracy, court movement and unrivalled flexibility allied to mental strength that makes him the best ever tennis player.

The Serbian icon has won the last three majors in a row. He is ranked Number 1 in the world. He obliterated Rafael Nadal (the number 2 player in the world) in the Auatralian Open Final. It was never even close.

Speaking to reporters, Andre Agassi revealed what makes Djokovic so great in tennis.

“He can take the ball early and redirect pace or control points from the middle of the court. These guys, they can do everything I did on a return, except they have even a little more coverage.” Agassi said.

“When I was really at my best, it was a risk to play aggressive … (today) people play aggressive. I don’t know if you can prepare somebody for it because it all depends on what it’s meant to them and how much of their identity is tied up in it.” Agassi added.

Agassi announced the end of the partnership with Djokovic on March 31, 2018, stating that there were too many disagreements in the relationship.

The American, meanwhile, heaped praise on Daniil Medvedev after the Russian  demolishing Grigor Dimitrov to reach the US Open final.

“When you do something for the first third of your life and then you have two thirds of your life to go, it can be a tough transition. A guy like that stays healthy, he’s probably the best 6’6” mover we’ve ever seen in tennis.” Agassi said.

“He knows when to press, when to put a little urgency into your game and he knows when to sort of let you implode. His tennis IQ is really high, his offensive skill set is there, his defensive skill set is there. So he’s got everyone’s attention” he added.

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