Andrea Pirlo Does Not Care About His Future at Juventus

Andrea Pirlo finally raised his voice regarding the speculation of his future as Juventus coach. Yes, Pirlo admits that he doesn’t worry too much about all the rumors that have been circulating in the last few days.

As is known, the news about the issue of dismissing the coach of Juventus since 2020 has recently emerged. Pirlo’s dismissal from his post as coach is the result of the inconsistent appearance of Juventus in the last few matches.

The climax was when Juventus had to be eliminated in the last 16 of the 2020-2021 Champions League against FC Porto. Not only that, currently Juventus only sits in fourth place in the Italian League standings.

Juventus until the 33rd week of the Italian League earned 66 points in 5th place, and is 16 points adrift of the leaders of the standings, Inter Milan. The chances of Cristiano Ronaldo cs to win the Scudeto are also running low. If Juventus cannot win the title this year, they can be sure that the record for winning the title 10 times in a row will be destroyed in the hands of Andrea Pirlo.

In response to this, Pirlo has remained calm and focused on his job as a coach so far. He also works professionally and still sets targets for Juventus to appear in the Champions League next season.

“I am calm about my job, about what I have to do. I am not affected by all these rumors, “Pirlo said in a press conference quoted from the Thenews page, Sunday (1/5/2021).

“I’m focused on what I have to do and I have to take the team to the Champions League and try to win the Italian Cup,” he continued.

Not getting there, Pirlo also responded to the abuse of his son, Niccolo Pirlo, on social media. He also felt sad and condemned all forms of discrimination in the online realm.

For information, Niccolo received a series of derogatory messages to alleged death threats from Juventus fans on social media at the end of last week. This is also predicted to be the impact of Juventus’ poor performance during being coached by his father.

“I know what it means to be a public figure, I find nothing new in the humiliation of people hiding behind keyboards,” said Pirlo.

“I apologize for my son, because he has nothing to do with this. I also explained to him to ignore it. This is a social problem that we need to clean up, “he continued.

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