Apart From Ronaldo, Pjanic Immediately Called Messi The Best Player of All Time

Miralem Pjanic has now officially become a Barcelona player. Thus, he will change partners from Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi. Pjanic also welcomed this with joy.

As is known, Pjanic has been Ronaldo’s teammate at Juventus for two seasons. Together they succeeded in making the Bianconeri win two Italian League titles and one Italian Super Cup.

Even so, Pjanic actually considered that Messi was a better player than Ronaldo. In the press conference he did as a new Barca player, he called Messi the best footballer of all time.

Therefore, Pjanic was very happy because he had the opportunity to play with Messi. As is known, before this Messi almost left Barca. However, due to contract disputes, La Pulga’s departure was canceled.

Pjanic himself admitted that he could not imagine Messi leaving Barca. Because, he sees Messi and Barca as an inseparable unit. In fact, not a few think Messi has become an icon of Barca itself.

“Messí has ​​made a great story here. He is a great champion, a winner, but Leo has his home here and I only imagine he is in Barcelona, ​​”said Pjanic, as quoted by Marca, Wednesday (16/09/2020).

“Today everyone is happy he survived. He is the best player of all time, we are lucky to have him. I met Messi two days ago. I’ve played with great players like Cristiano or (Francesco) Totti. I am lucky and they have become an example for me, “he continued.

Pjanic also revealed that he was in talks with Barca’s new coach, Ronald Koeman. As a new player at the club, Pjanic certainly wants to know about the tactics and formations he will play.

“I have spoken with Koeman twice. “At a tactical level we will wait for him to join the team and we will see how he plans to use me,” explained the 30-year-old midfielder.

“We know that this season will be long. I am ready to help, with Juve I reached two Champions League finals playing in various positions and I will try to win the trust of my teammates, “he added.

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