Arjen Robben has decided to retire from football

Arjen Robben, previous top player of Bayern Munich, has been in the world of football for two decades. The top star starts his journey in 1989, where he studied football at the VV Bedum club, a local club in his hometown. After that, Arjen Robben traveled to the continent of Europe. The left-footed player joined Groningen in 1996 and since 2000 he has been officially contracted professionally. Two years later, Robben moved to PSV Eindhoven, then later, in 2004 moved to the club belonging to Roman Abramovich, Chelsea FC.

Three years defending the club based in the elite London area, and then Robben decided to move to Spanish club Real Madrid in 2007. Two seasons at El Real, Robben moved to Bayern Munich in 2009. At this German club Robben spent the rest of his career as a professional soccer player for a decade ago. His contract with Bayern Munich is due on 30 June 2019.

His work at the club, both German, Spanish, English and Dutch clubs, Robben has raised 30 trophies at the league level. Bayern Munich with Robben won the Champions League in 2013. For his country, Robben has brought Netherland won third place in the 2014 World Cup, and the 2010 World Cup runner-up. Orange national team mainstay recorded 96 caps and 37 goals for his country. So, what is the next step taken by the 35-year-old player after his contract at Bayern Munich, the last club, due on June 30, 2019?

As predicted, Robben will continue his work at other clubs after his Bayern Munich story. However, in the end, he decided to retire from football. Robben acknowledged, even though his decision was a difficult decision. The widely spread rumor is that Robben is predicted to continue his career in his home country, Netherland. But in the end, he considered that now is the right time to pull away from the world of football. He stated the reason, which was mainly because the physical was no longer as prime as before.

He also wants to open a new chapter of his life. “Meanwhile, I want to enjoy time with my family,” he said. He was also grateful and thanked the family who had given their support so far. For the last club to stop, means for Bayern Munich as a new era for player regeneration. Robben’s decision to resign, was in line with his club colleague. Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery did leave Bayern Munich. But both of them closed their careers with sweet memories. Equally ended this season’s contract, but Ribery was two years longer to defend Bayern than Robben.

Bayern came out as the 2018/2019 Bundesliga champion after the final party was the decider, Bayern won over Eintracht Frankfurt at the Allianz Arena. From a 5-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt. Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery each contributed one goal. Ribery scored the fourth goal, while Robben scored the last goal.

During the championship celebration party, the final sweet memories for Ribery and Robben will be engraved forever.


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