Barca defeat 4 – 0 Defeat to Athletic Bilbao

Barcelona 4 – 0 defeat to Athletic Bilbao in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, 2015. The match was held at Nuevo San Memes on Friday (08/14). Athletic Bilbao made a big surprised in the Spanish Super Cup August 14, 2015. Athletic Bilbao shocked Barcelona on the first leg. Unexpectedly, Athletic Bilbao beat Barcelona 4 – 0.

Athletic Bilbao played very impressive in front of their public. German national goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen headed clear outside of his goal area after Athletic Bilbao goal keeper Gorka Iraizoz had sent a long range but ter Stegen was dropped the ball to San Jose. This chance took by San Jose to score 1-0.

In the second half, Athletic Bilbao added three more goals take advantage of the fragility of the Barca defense. Athletic Bilbao Aritz Anduriz doubled the goal in minute 53, which preceded the error of Sergi Roberto during a duel with Sabin Merino, the ball could be controlled by Sabin bolstered into the goal mouth and was greeted by Aritz Anduriz.

Entered minutes 62, the Athletic Bilbao striker made score 3 -0, and it was another sample of poor defending from Barcelona. Dani Alves for reasons known just to himself picked to clear an Athletic Bilbao cross back across the centre of the eighteen yard box. And Athletic Bilbao registered their score on scoreboard for the third time.
Athletic Bilbao more confident after they Dani Alvez violated Athletic Bilbao players in the penalty box, this chance successfully carry out by Aritz Anduriz.

At the flip side of the pitch, Athletic kept on beating back each attacking from Barcelona. It was the great performance in every sense.

At Barcelona side, the coach Luis Enrique opted to rest many playmakers in this match. In this match, only Lionel Messi, Luiz Suarez, Dany Alvez, and Javier Mascherano who appeared as a starter in the Barcelona team. Barcelona’s strikers Luiz Suarez, and Lionel Messi couldn’t make any goals. They just had a single shot on target through the first half.

Lionel Messi closed his eyes after losing 4-0 from Bilabo. (Photo:espn)

4 – 0 score kept going until the match was over. This makes the chances for Bilbao to win the title on the next match at the Nou Camp on Monday local time.

Despite losing 4-0, Barcelona still have a chance to become a champion in the scond leg at Nou Camp.
Barcelona coach Luis Enrique admits if he to be blamed for the defeat in the first leg match. He is confident that his club can win the second leg on Monday at Nou Camp.

“If anyone can turn this result around then it is Barca and if not will still try with all we’ve got. It is not being arrogant to think that we can come out on top.” said Luis Enrique.

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