Being Alex Marquez, Being the Most Difficult Human in MotoGP

Marc Marquez underwent a flawless career in the world of MotoGP racing. This had a fatal impact on the career of Alex Marquez behind him.

Marc smoothly became world champion in 125cc, Moto2, and immediately won MotoGP in the inaugural season. If there is the burden of being Marc Marquez, it is the burden of having to win because he always wins regularly and appears dominant.

Marc’s burden to win is certainly nothing compared to Alex. Alex is present on the street who has remembered his brother’s greatness. Every action that was taken by Alex, he was immediately compared to Marc.

Alex’s burden is clearly far greater than that of other riders, including Marc Marquez, who regularly wins. Alex was never completely out of his brother’s shadow.

When Alex Marquez was recruited by Repsol Honda in MotoGP 2020, everyone believed that it was Marc Marquez’s interference. When Jorge Lorenzo chose to retire and left an empty seat in MotoGP 2020, Marc is believed to have moved to urge Repsol Honda to take Alex as his best man.

When Repsol Honda announced Pol Espargaro as their racer for MotoGP 2021 before the 2020 MotoGP started, the assumption of Marc’s role in Alex’s arrival was even greater.

Honda only gave Alex space when the seat happened to be empty in MotoGP 2020 because Jorge Lorenzo broke his contract. When talking about the future, Honda has already made a choice on Pol Espargaro.

Forgetting the Facts Alex is a Twice World Champion

Many seem to forget that Alex Marquez is already a world champion in the Moto3 and Moto2 classes and only a handful of riders are able to do it.

Although not as smooth as Marc Marquez’s achievement because it took a total of eight seasons to get the two titles, Alex is still in the elite racer category and deserves to be taken into account when being promoted to the MotoGP class.

However, the status of Moto3 and Moto2 world champion, Alex’s move directly to the factory team is still considered unusual and is believed to be full of encouragement from Marc to Honda.

After officially becoming a MotoGP racer, a difficult situation hit Alex at the beginning because in his debut season, the MotoGP atmosphere was not ideal. MotoGP 2020 is plagued by the corona pandemic so that the calendar does not work as it should.

The situation was made worse by Marc Marquez’s long injury. Losing Marc did not mean that Alex became the spotlight smoothly. He actually got the burden of lifting Honda’s performance in the absence of Marc Marquez.

When Honda couldn’t reach the podium without Marc Marquez, Alex was again in the spotlight and to blame. Because Stefan Bradl is just a substitute racer.

This is certainly unfair because Jorge Lorenzo, who has won the MotoGP world three times, suffered on a Honda motorbike during the 2019 MotoGP.

Time for Alex to Win MotoGP Series

Because the burden of being the younger brother of Marc Marquez has been bearing on Alex for a long time, he knows and can always find a way to get out of pressure.

After repeatedly unable to appear competitive, Alex managed to record a turning point in the French MotoGP. He successfully sped forward and finished as runner-up at the end of the race.

A week later, Alex Marquez proved that success at the French MotoGP was not just a coincidence or due to rain conditions. Alex Marquez has indeed begun to be able to draw the maximum potential from his Honda RC213V.

Alex Marquez returned to runner-up behind Alex Rins in the duel drama that almost fell Alex Marquez.

After winning the runner-up twice, Alex began to think about becoming a MotoGP series champion. In this season, the riders’ abilities are almost equal so that many have a good chance of winning, even if they start from a position that is not ideal.

Lessons on the duel against Danilo Petrucci and Rins in the previous two series could be a valuable provision for Alex Marquez. He can now consider the right momentum to catch up and finish as the fastest racer.

Not only that, this week’s Teruel MotoGP race took place again at the Aragon Circuit. This is clearly a big asset because Alex Marquez can race with confidence.

Although Alex Marquez has certainly been moved to LCR Honda, Alex can still give a beautiful farewell gift to the factory team.

Apart from the MotoGP series title, the top five positions also still look ideal for Alex Marquez as he is only 25 points away from four series remaining this season.

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