Big Challenge For Manchester United’s Interim Manager

The sacking of Ole Gunnar Solksjaer gave a big loophole in itself. Michael Carrick, who previously served as assistant coach, was chosen as interim coach of Manchester United. Carrrick’s status could depend on the situation. If Manchester United’s performance improves, it is possible that this former midfielder can be continued as manager. Othersie, Carrick must give up his place to a new coach who is the choice of top management.

As interim coach, Carrick has quite a serious challenge. The first and foremost challenge is to return the mentality of the players to the best level. It is possible that Ole’s departure will be a blow and bring anxiety to several players. Especially, players that Ole always relied on during his coaching period. Their place could be threatened because Ole who often gives a place in the main squad has gone. So, the shadow of uncertainty under the new coach can also affect the mentality of players.

Therefore, Carrick must try to bring out the best of the players. Including trying to neutralize the atmosphere caused by the dismissal of Ole. The team has to move on. In the middle of this week, MU will face Villareal. The result of the match could affect MU’s chances of advancing to the next round. Carrick’s second challenge is reconciling the dressing room. The current dressing room is occupied by several star players, who have their own reputation.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who arrived this season, is already seen as a Manchester United legend. His presence definitely has an effect in the dressing room. At this point, Carrick tried to prevent the effects of one or more players in the dressing room from creating a team imbalance. However, despite Carrick’s status as interim coach, his policies and decisions need to be strong in the unity and harmony of the dressing room.

Including, Carrick’s efforts to control the emotions of the players when they are not demoted or replaced. It’s not easy to replace Ronaldo. However, a decision must be made if the team’s tactics do require a change. The most recent challenge is to return the team to winning ways. The defeat against Watford was painful.

The defeat showed MU’s weak side. Despite containing quality players, MU lost ambition and energy from Watford. Therefore, victory is not always determined by the star of a player. However, good results are always achieved thanks to team play. The team’s game was polished with passion and ambition to win.

United have to think about how to win the game. This mindset can encourage players to win, rather than just playing looking for a safe point, but then achieving an unexpected defeat. Carrick faces serious challenges as Manchester United coach. His team’s performance in the match against Villarreal could also determine the direction of the MU management mind.

The reason is, until now MU is still struggling with various issues about the right coach to replace Solksjaer’s place. At least, the names circulating in the public, namely Erik Ten Hag, Zinedine Zidane, Brendan Rodgers, Luis Enrique, and Mauricio Pochettino.

Pochettino is reportedly willing to accept Manchester United’s offer. Despite coaching a promising team, Pochettino looks difficult to deal with the burden of PSG’s dressing room which is occupied by star players. In addition, family reasons. Until now, the Pochettino family still lives in London, while in Paris Pochettino lives in an apartment. Rumors circulated further. If Pochettino lands at Old Trafford, Zidane, who is also targeted by MU, could replace Pochettino’s place at PSG. Zidane became PSG’s choice because of his French background and reputation in the football scene.

Also, do not rule out if Manchester United choose Brendan Rodgers who temporarily coaches Leicester City. However, this choice could cast doubt on supporters when considering Leicester’s 0-3 defeat at the hands of Chelsea’s squad this week. In the midst of various issues about the new coach of MU, it looks like Manchester United is in a difficult choice. Solksjaer’s dismissal seemed like a sudden decision.

In fact, the issue of Solksjaer’s dismissal has long been circulating in the public. If you think about it, the MU management should have thought from afar about the right replacement if the decision was made. When Solksjaer was sacked, the team immediately executed plans and decisions for a new coach. Management’s choice of a new coach is not easy. The choice becomes difficult when the target has its own demands or is still bound by a certain contract.

In addition, Manchester United’s choice is also increasingly difficult if the club’s internal situation is also topsy-turvy. Of course, a coach is not so easy to take risks because it can risk his reputation as a coach. For now, Manchester United hopes on interim coach, Michael Carrick. Carrick’s performance in concocting a team that was currently in turmoil with the situation in the team could determine the direction of the Manchester United management’s thoughts about a replacement for Solksjaer.


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