Binotto: Another team row may happen at Ferrari

Binotto on team row

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari’s Team Principal, had admitted regarding its two alphas fighting for throne at the Ferrari Formula 1 team.

He found himself helpless regarding the matter and admitted to the fact that Ferrari may not be able to stop them. Both drivers had a team order dispute at Sochi.

Sebastian Vettel, four time world champion, had refused to obey team order at Sochi.

Vettel was helped by Leclerc as per team decision before race to stay ahead of team rival Lewis Hamilton. Leclerc swapped with Vettel at the start and for which German was asked to return the position to his team mate during safety car period in Russian Grand Prix.

After the race, Binotto met both drivers separately to resolve the issue.

Binotto said during FIA press conference, “We had positive, constructive, honest, fair, transparent discussions with both of them.”

However, he failed to build the confidence that the similar situation will not be repeated.

“What happened in Sochi [was] nothing really bad but certainly something that needs to be improved and addressed. I think it’s only an opportunity of lesson learned and trying to do better in the future. But how much I’m confident it will not happen, I’m not at all.

“These are both very good drivers. They are [both] going for a single objective which is winning themselves but I think what again is more important is that at least between us we’ve got clarity and fairness and I think that’s key.”

Despite his admittance to resolve the issue completely, he is however confident that situation will remain under-control for the team.

“No I don’t think there is the risk of losing control because there is a difference between not managing drivers and at least having the attempt to manage them. There is always a solution which is not manage them – maybe someone may do.

“So I think our intention is to try to manage the situation to the benefit of the team and secondly to the benefit, overall, as well, of the drivers.

“We may do a few things that can be addressed or improved and I think that is what we are building and trying to do for the future.”

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