Binotto: Vettel and Leclerc are driving identical cars

Binotto says both drivers have identical cars

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari Formula 1 team principal, denounces the news circulating that the team is discriminating between its drivers.

News circulating suggested that Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel are driving two far apart cases. Both drivers are struggling to play as front runner, while Vettel seems to be left behind his team mate.

Vettel, currently, stands 13th on F1 drivers standings while Leclerc is at 5th position. The gap between two team mates, left Seb speechless to explain about his situation.

The German comments were interpreted, by few, as Ferrari might be running two different cars.

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However, Binotto supportive comments for Vettel shut down the speculations. He wanted the German to perform well. It would help team to achieve a better position on F1 world constructors’ championship list.

“Seb and Charles’ cars are identical, no doubt,” he told.

“I sincerely hope that Sebastian will be able to qualify better in Imola. And show more of what he is capable of during the race.

“Charles is certainly very good, but maybe you expect even more from the second driver.”

Ferrari has lost its position from second to sixth this season. It needs 33 points to take third position from Racing Point.

Vettel has showed his concerns regarding SF1000 with which he has grown frustration.

“On the one hand, I’m satisfied because I had the feeling that I drove a good race,” he said. “I had a hard time at the beginning, lost places, and almost lost the car two or three times. After that I actually drove a good race.

“But, on the other hand, it is obvious that the other car is much faster. Where do I lose time? I have been biting my tongue all year long. Some idiot might never figure it out, but am I a complete idiot? I doubt it.

“At some point you should be lucky and hit the limit. I never hit it and if I do, then only with a lot of difficulty. On the other side [of the garage] it looks much easier.

“I have to look at myself and do my thing, but of course it hurts. Especially because my own expectations are higher than the expectations from outside.

“I don’t really care about all the fuss. But for me in the car, it is of course difficult to process, because I am too ambitious and too hungry for more.”

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