BOOM Esports Opens ESL LA Online with Sweet Victory Over Fnatic!

BOOM Esports Opens ESL LA Online with Sweet Victory Over Fnatic!

The big ESL One Los Angeles Online regional tournament South East Asia started yesterday with the Team Adroit match against Geek Fam and the result was Team Adroit won the match. Entering the second day, BOOM Esports is ready to face the giant SEA Fnatic.

Playing with the best of three format, BOOM Esports defeated Fnatic by doing a reverse sweep from behind 1-0 to 1-2. This victory puts BOOM Esports in second place while in the SEA regional group.

In the first game, Fnatic defeated BOOM Esports quite quickly and neatly by only taking 28 minutes. The beautiful game from Riki used by 23savage and Dazzle from Iceiceice succeeded in closing the strategy of BOOM Esports. Throughout the game, the comeback opportunity from BOOM Esports was too difficult to achieve.

Unlike the second game in which BOOM Esports managed to provide better performance than the previous game. A good game has been shown by BOOM Esports since the beginning of the game, the game runs smoothly for BOOM Esports in this second game.

The last game in this match was also successfully secured by BOOM Esports, this time the game of the midlaner Rafli “Mikoto” Rahman who was very beautiful and aggressive.

By using its flagship hero Ember Spirit, Mikoto’s game makes it very difficult for Fnatic to get kills and good profits in the early game phase until the game is finished.

The game given by Mikoto in the third game even managed to attract attention from various international level analyzes. The official analysis from ESL One Los Angeles Online said that Mikoto played very cleanly in the third game. They also said that Mikoto was entitled to get his 10K MMR if he really played like that.

This 2-1 win over Fnatic could be a good asset for BOOM Esports to continue its journey in the Los Angeles Online ESL One tournament.

Furthermore, this wolf squad will face Geek Fam today on March 30, and the final match against Team Adroit on April 1.

As for Fnatic, they are currently in third place in the temporary table. The team that just won the Dota Summit 12 will face Team Adroit tomorrow.

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