Borussia Dortmund, The Land of Opportunities

When many people talked about the defeat of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and was followed by the defeat of Juventus, we pulled aside another match which was no less exciting than the Hellas Verona v Juventus match, namely Bayer Leverkusen v Borussia Dortmund.

Equally titled epic comeback-like Verona vs Juve, Bayer Leverkusen is actually able to throw the guest with a score of 4-3. These results seem to have confirmed the Bundesliga as a league that promises a lot of goal parades in each match. Exciting. Similarly, in terms of emotions. It can be seen that watching Leverkusen vs Dortmund is like watching a film that presents a lot of things. Problems, resistance, failure and success.

These four things then present various emotions. Sadness, worry, until the overflow of screams because it managed to overcome all the difficulties and problems that confront. Leverkusen has a problem, it’s called Dortmund. Through a myriad of experienced and top-class players, Dortmund presents a problem for Lars Bender and his team mates, who wants to be a host who deserves a party.

Dortmund was the one who finally had to bow when returning home, even though they had tried their best. Indeed it is. From Matt Hummels’ goals, even Jadon Sancho’s goal that was annulled, to Emre Can and Guerrero’s goals. Full of struggle and emotions.

However, Leverkusen also did not want to lose. They want to fight. They also have armored vehicles for fighting. Kevin Volland became the weapon in front, and the Bender duo could be called another weapon that could be used when it was stuck The winning goal was created with the pass over the ball into the penalty box Die Borussien who there was already waiting for one of the tall players who were ready to gore the ball into the goal of Burki. Goal! Lars Bender the captain and anchor midfielder successfully led Leverkusen won three points.

Three points that are very meaningful for Leverkusen. Especially for Dortmund. Because, they actually have the opportunity to temporarily shift RB Leipzig who have not played the 21st week. Unfortunately that hope vanished. However, in addition to the failure brought home by Lucien Favre’s team, Dortmund also took home a small prize that was quite meaningful, namely a goal. One of the goals scored by Dortmund is from the feet of the new player, Emre Can.

As if returning home, Can was apparently not nervous about the game in the match. He immediately started and filled his favorite position; defensive midfielder. n this match, Dortmund have also entrusted their new player Erling Haaland to play full. Interestingly, Haaland also did the same thing as Can. Scored in his debut match a few weeks ago.

At that time, what Haaland did was phenomenal. Because immediately scored a hat trick. However, what Can did was equally phenomenal. Not because of scoring goals from a distance, but the moment of celebration that really implies a burst of emotions that he held behind his calm in escorting the Dortmund midfield. Yes, he wants to prove that he should be prioritized on the team he previously defended.

Which team? Juventus or even Liverpool? Actually, both of them. They are a big team that actually needs players like Can. However, unfortunately the two big clubs already have many classy players in positions that Can can play; defensive midfielder and defender.

At Liverpool, Can is certainly difficult to shift the minutes of playing Virgil van Dijk, even Joel Matip or now there is Joe Gomes. Even when going forward, Can had to compete with Jordan Henderson and Fabinho. Can Can just think about winning titles without ever playing?

Likewise at Juventus. Can of course already feel the sweetness of the league title with La Vecchia Signora. One thing that has not been felt at Liverpool, at that time. Of course, he is unable to predict if Liverpool will party in the Champions League last season (2019) and this season will meet the Premier League trophy. He also wants to stay on the field, sweat, and achieve the results of what he is fighting for – not stand on his partner’s hands.

That’s what made him have to go, again. Interestingly, his port is the competition he has ever played, Bundesliga. It was there that he developed the potential to become the player of choice for top coaches, including Jurgen Klopp who is also a Bundesliga alumni.

Unfortunately, togetherness Klopp and Can at Liverpool did not last long. Can went to Juventus to seek his fortune, which is more minutes to play. But the situation is not much different. Especially in the 2019/20 season where there has been a change of coach at Juve, Allegri was replaced by Sarri.

This change could be the beginning of the decline in minutes playing Can. As a player who has felt caps with the German national team, obviously this is a big problem. He must return to playing regularly at his club, so he can be called up by the national team in the Euro Cup.

This is what made Can finally – with a dilemma – need to go home. Although not having to defend the same club, Bayern Munich, Can can find new experiences at home by defending a new club, Dortmund.

However, what Can does is pretty good. He can rebuild his reputation as a more mature and highly experienced player, having played in two competitions outside Germany. Dortmund certainly need that to bring balance to the team that is collaborating between young players and experienced players.

Now, Emre Can deserves to be one of the defensive midfielders who can be counted on the European stage. In fact, it can be a top choice in the German national team. Because, he is a player who is still young (26 years) but has never felt three different competitions in Europe. So, let’s put a good fight on the field, Can! Don’t stop to score with your long-range shots!


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