Bratches to leave F1 commercial role

Bratches leaving F1 Commercial Management

Sean Bratches, Formula 1 Commercial Boss, will be leaving Formula 1 at the end of January 2020.

Bratches is to leave his commercial role. He was among three top executives who were appointed by US group Liberty Media, who owned the sport in January 2017.

He will not be replaced but will remain in Formula 1 at a different position.

Bratches, one of three executives appointed when US group Liberty Media bought the sport in January 2017, will not be directly replaced.

Formula 1 released a statement regarding the matter. It states that he will “continue to support the business in an advisory role from the United States.”

Bratches was commended by Formula 1 Chairman and Chief Executive, Chase Carey. He complimented that Bratches “transformed the commercial side of Formula 1”.

The reorganization of Formula 1 commercial unit was earlier reported by media in August last year and the move has been reported for the similar purpose.

Bernie Ecclestone, former F1 boss, was removed from his position as the new management took over. Liberty Media took measure for structural changes according to its vision.

Under these measures, Bratches was appointed for commercial side of sport and Ross Brawn, former Mercedes team boss, heading the sporting side. Carey was appointed to oversee both.

Formula 1 reiterated the importance of the measure which led to transformation of the sport.

F1 stated that it had”broadened its sponsor portfolio, improved the reach and scope of the sport’s global media rights, renewed key race promotion agreements and announced two new races to the Formula 1 calendar (in the Netherlands and Vietnam, both of which debut this year).

“Formula 1’s digital business was revamped under his leadership, launching a new responsive web platform and extending the brand into areas such as direct to consumer, fantasy, podcasting, licensing and betting.

“All key metrics including race attendance, television viewership, and digital and social media engagement and usage have increased during his tenure.”

However, Bratches was unfortunate to complete his limelight ambition of introducing a new arena for sport in the USA, which he calls a “destination city”.

Bratches had dreamed of Miami downtown racing over a bridge with F1 cars throtling the streets. But he couldn’t realize it because of local opposition in the vicinity.

Currently, F1 is pursuing the venue of Miami Dolphins NFL stadium which still has to be realized.

Bratches said: “I am proud that I leave Formula 1 in a better position than when I joined in 2017 and I know that the foundation we have put in place as a team will continue to serve our fans around the world and reach new audiences.

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