Brawn: “Renault Have a Very Nice Upward”

Brawn: “Renault Have a Very Nice Upward”

Renault boss Ross Brawn now expects the team to come together beat more frequently at the outposts after the French manufacture’s team clinched first podium at Nurburgring since returning to F1 in the 2016.

Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo celebrated on the podium after finishing in third place in the race. For Brawn, Renault F1 has clearly gained the upper hand over the other teams in the peloton and will very likely be able to turn to the top two teams on the grid very soon.

“I have the feeling for the some time that Renault was promising but never gave good results, but I have to say that since we came back to racing in July they started to perform and the team seems have a very nice upward.” Brawn said.

“If they maintain and continue this competitiveness in the new era in 2012, one could imagine that Renault – which will become Alpine, will return to the forefront.” Brawn added.

“Fernando Alonso is coming too, which is incredibly exciting. Renault has risen above the peloton and will soon turn to the first two [Mercedes and Red Bull].” Brawn said.

“Will Ricciardo regret his decision to leave Renault for McLaren? I don’t think it will. He left Red Bull and went to Renault after all. His character is such that he sits down and carefully assesses his situation, then makes a decision and sticks to it.

“Like all of us, he might have had a rough time where he sat down and reflected, but I think he will be committing to the new team in a massive way.” Brawn added.

Renault is fifth place in the constructor’s world championship, but only two points behind McLaren fourth place and six points behind Racing Point third place.

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