Breaking VP Domination, Tundra Esports Wins ESL One Fall 2021

Breaking VP Domination, Tundra Esports Wins ESL One Fall 2021 is the candidate of champion in the ESL One Fall 2021 event. Their dominance in the group stage makes many people believe this team will be the first seed. However, VP’s six-time win streak was interrupted in the playoffs against Tundra Esports.

Even though Tundra was beaten 2-0 by VP in the group stage, the score was paid in cash by Fata cs. VP then fell again in the lower bracket final by PSG.LGD and was finally eliminated from ESL One Fall. Tundra had a fierce final match with PSG.LGD who appeared without Nothingtosay. Having trailed 2-1 in the final Bo5 format, Tundra managed to turn things around in games 3 and 4 to finally come out as champion (29/8).

Tundra Esports vs PSG.LGD: Highlights Recap

Games 1
Tundra Esports completely outperformed PSG.LGD with a moderate and unorthodox draft pick. Xiao8, who came down as stand-ins for PSG.LGD, again performed a special game with his Spirit Breaker mid hero, but Tundra slipped in the middle of Monkey King as a counter pick to take advantage of it. Overall, the Chinese squad displayed a very high execution, but Tundra chased them to win in the 32nd minute.

Games 2
Tundra Esports has Gyrocopter in fifth position, while PSG.LGD has Vengeful Spirit offlane and Monkey King in fourth. Tundra Esports had very little damage through BKB, while Nine’s decision not to take physical damage to Magnus backfired in the middle. Both teams displayed good map maneuvers and skills during team fights, but it was PSG.LGD who won and won in 44 minutes.

Games 3
Ame was successful since the laning stage, then rampant farming until he was able to finish off enemy heroes. The match which started with a silent laning phase quickly escalated to PSG.LGD’s advantage which crushed the opponent’s anxiety in the 27th minute.

Games 4
Tundra gains draft advantage with Templar Assassin. There’s not a lot of damage to worry about, so this hero’s net worth graph is high . PSG.LGD, however, managed to hold on to the game with good spellcasting and target priority, but Tundra became too strong late in the game to win in 48 minutes.

Games 5
Drafting not usually is present when PSG.LGD puts XinQ with Storm Spirit to play in the midlane instead of xiao8. Throughout the game, there are many fights and both teams must find the right vision for the fight. The Tundra team’s core grew stronger than PSG.LGD, bringing the team to victory in 47 minutes.

This trophy is quite important for Tundra because ESL One Fall is their first trophy since being formed in early 2021. Unfortunately, they almost qualified for TI10 if they didn’t lose to OG in the western europe regional open elimination.

Tundra is entitled to take home a prize of $175,000 USD. Meanwhile, two indoprides Xepher and Whitemon in the T1 team managed to finish in 4th place and take home $25,000 USD.

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