Briatore: Leclerc or Verstappen shall replace Bottas

Briatore on Verstappen and Leclerc

Flavio Briatore, Renault F1 Team Ex Boss, have suggested to two young and talented F1 drivers, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, to join Mercedes in a order to increase their probability of Championship title.

Lewis Hamilton is currently leading the season and will be acing the title championship along with Mercedes.

British driver and German team are on their course to win the sixth title together this year. Both are expected to dominate next year season with their overall performances and strategies.

Ferrari and Red Bull have struggled to become a threat to Mercedes domination this season.

Briatore wanted to see F1 talented drivers with Mercedes replacing Bottas to increase the competition in the team. And providing opportunity to the young talent.

“For me, Verstappen as well as Leclerc and Hamilton can be world champions,” says Briatore.

“If Leclerc were with Mercedes instead of Bottas, they would almost be at eye level for me.

“For me, Hamilton and Verstappen or Hamilton and Leclerc at Mercedes would be the best team.”

Hamilton is currently 64 points ahead of his team mate Bottas. Chalres Leclerc, Ferrari young driver, currently holds third position with nine points ahead of Max Verstappen and Sebsatian Vettel.

Hamilton can possibly be announced to be the world champion in Mexico next weekend, if finished first with his team mate at fifth or below.

Eddie Ervine loves Leclerc

Eddie Ervine, Scuderia Ferrari ex F1 driver, consider Leclerc to be the more assertive and stronger driver.

“There is no argument, Leclerc is much, much better,” Irvine told news reporter.

“He has four poles this year [four since the summer break, six in total] and he does not even have the best car in F1… sorry Ferrari.”

“This as Verstappen continues to make many stupid mistakes despite having been in F1 for years, many more than Leclerc, while Charles looks to be very focused and someone who doesn’t make mistakes.”

Jenson Button supports Verstappen

However, Jenson Button – 2009 F1 Champion, supports Verstappen in the game.

He said: “I think he is the fastest driver that has ever driven an F1 car. I really do. I think he is unbelievably fast.

“Previously to this year he has made some mistakes as you would expect from a young driver, but now he’s doing such a fantastic job.

“I really do think he is something special.”

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