Carlo Ancelotti: Real Madrid Is Getting Tougher

Real Madrid lost several important figures in the team when 2020/21 season ended. Sergio Ramos, who acts as team captain and senior player, did not renew his contract at Madrid. Ramos went to a rich club, Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Then, his partner at the back, Raphael Varane who also left. Madrid accepted Manchester United’s offer to buy the Frenchman. Come to think of it, Madrid need to secure him because Madrid have lost Ramos.

However, Madrid chose to let Varane go. This departure was also motivated by Varane’s own wishes. Yes, rather than keeping the player defensive, but his heart elsewhere, it could put his performances at risk in the team. In addition to these two players, Madrid also had to be abandoned by the team coach, Zidane. Zidane also decided to terminate the cooperation contract with the club. This decision was allegedly due to a mismatch between the club’s policy and what the coach wanted.

The departure of these three figures is a big loss for Madrid. All three have played a very significant role in Madrid’s appearance in the last few seasons. When Zidane left, club president Florentino Perez chose Carlo Ancelotti. Ancelotti is actually not a new figure at Real Madrid. Previously, Ancelotti had coached Madrid. Even some of the players who were in Madrid had been under Ancelotti’s coaching.

Ancelotti’s determination did not escape skepticism from outside the field. Madrid should choose a coach with a very good reputation. The names of Max Allegri who prefers Juventus and Antonio Conte who just happened to leave Inter Milan entered the market as a substitute for Zidane in Madrid. However, many people’s estimates are wrong. Ancelotti was instead chosen and re-determined as coach of Madrid.

Leaving Everton, Ancelotti accepted Madrid’s proposal. It didn’t take long for Ancelotti to make an impact at Madrid. Of the 5 matches in the Spanish La Liga, Madrid won 4 wins and 1 draw. With this, Madrid is at the top of the standings with 13 points. This indicates the effect of Ancelotti who began to give positive points for Madrid. Madrid’s performance so far seems stable.

In addition to recording positive results in Spanish La Liga and in the inaugural Champions League match, Ancelotti also managed to stimulate several players to bring out the best in their abilities. Vinicius Jr. including players who managed to show significant development with Madrid. So far, Vinicius has scored 5 goals and is the second top scorer after team-mate Karim Benzema in the Spanish League.

Last season, Vinicius did not appear consistent. Not a few parties who think that the future of the young player at Madrid will end bleak. Hence, the plan to sell the player to another club became a discourse circulating in Madrid. Predictions from off the field about the fate of Vinicius at odds with Ancelotti’s view. Apart from Ancelotti’s determination to work with veteran players, Ancelotti also did not turn a blind eye to the role of young players.

Vinicius Jr. is the result of Ancelotti’s consistency in entrusting the young players. Likewise with Camavinga, a young player who had just been bought from Rennes at the start of this season has also become an important part of the system that is currently being built by Ancelotti at Madrid.

So it is unreasonable to judge that Ancelotti’s effect can make Madrid a strong favorite to win the Spanish La Liga trophy in the 2021/22 season. Moreover, eternal rivals, Barcelona in an unconvincing condition. Not to mention, Atletico Madrid, who was the champion last season, played inconsistently.

After week 5, Madrid managed to be at the top of the Spanish La Liga. This achievement could not be separated from the influence of Ancelotti who slowly changed the game of Madrid. The change was also accompanied by Ancelotti’s way of managing minutes from the squad he had. The senior players combined with the younger players.

In the match against Valencia this morning, Ancelotti applied a formation that discussed a combination of senior players and young players. 4-4-1-1 formation. Benzema is placed as a lone striker and behind him is E. Hazard. In midfield, Ancelotti combines two senior players L. Modric and Casemiro flanked by Vinicius and F. Valverde.

Not to mention, Ancelotti’s steps in substitution. L. Jovic, who was on loan last season, Lucas Vazquez, Rodygo, Isco and Camavinga became the substitutes who came in and changed the situation at Valencia’s Mestalla stadium. For the second time, Ancelotti managed to read the situation well. Valencia had already taken the lead. However, the collaboration between Vinicius and Benzema, who each scored 1 goal and 1 assist, ruined Valencia’s victory that was already in sight.

Once again, Madrid showed a winning mentality until the end of the match. The sign is very positive for Madrid. With this, the departure of some important figure in Madrid after last season is not a problem. It looks like Ancelotti has found a solution to close the hole left behind.


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