Charles Lecrec Finally Reveals His Relationship with Sebastian Vettel

Charles Leclerc expressed his relationship with team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who helped him since his arrival from Sauber (now badged as Alfa Romeo).

The 21-year-old driver is taking the number one driver status at the Scuderia. The Italia manufacturer gave Leclerc a seat at such a young age because they think of him as their driver for the next 10 years.

“For me it’s a new thing to look at next year’s car, because so far I’ve changed teams every season. But, right now, I think I need to have Sebastian by my side, who is used to this kind of thing.” Leclerc said.

“Look at car development and what are the most important things to say to the engineer. There are many things to say, but if you say everything you can confuse the engineer and Sebastian is very helpful in this.” Leclerc added.

After a good first part of the season but marked by qualifications, Leclerc does not seem brilliant – he gave the turn after the break.

“Who is ahead in the hierarchies? I have no idea, but Sebastian won four world championships, I didn’t win any. I think he has a lot of experience.” Leclerc said.

“He’s very fast, very strong, I’m learning a lot from him and we’ll see at the end of the season. I’m not the one who decides who is the number 1 or the number 2. I’m so happy and I ‘m very lucky to have Sebastian by my side right now.

“In the first nine races I was not satisfied with my qualifying performances. I worked hard to try to improve some things in the car, like the configuration approach and the Q1 and Q3. Maybe I was too aggressive, then I changed my method and it got better.” he added.

Leclerc seems to be mentally stronger than Vettel who now in the second race of the season already made a critical mistake and is known to make mistakes under pressure.

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