Classic Match: 2012’s Manchester City Historic Title Winning Match

The final day arrived on Sunday, 13 May 2012, exactly eight years ago, in the 38th week of the 2012 English League competition which will determine who from the two Manchester City clubs, will become the champion of England. Manchester City will face Queen Park Ranger (QPR) at home, Etihad Stadium. At the same time Manchester United will undergo an away match at Sunderland’s stadium. City are slightly ahead because of the advantage on goal difference. So City is in control, while United is hoping to overtake.

So, the match at the Etihad Stadium must always be linked to the Sunderland club venue entertaining the troops of Alex Ferguson, who is eyeing the 20th trophy. Fergie tried to calm down while playing mind games to paralyze the mentality of Roberto Mancini’s children in critical situations. Etihad Stadium has two sides. First, it will become a garden of paradise if Citizen is able to defeat QPR. Secondly, Etihad also has a very painful ‘door’ to hell if City is held to a draw let alone lose.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for City to deal with low-level teams like QPR. Their record was brilliant throughout one season, from 18 home matches, there was only one team that could hold City’s draw at Etihad, namely Sunderland. But it must be noted that City underwent a decisive match not only for the title that year, but influential for the club’s future. High mentality is required to overcome the heavy pressure of the Red Devil, United.

Drama throughout the game from beginning to end were presented. Fate that determines United and City is like a coin tossed to find one winner and the other must be a loser. Each time the two time deciding champions won the game, the emotions of the two supporters were like a roller coaster that suppressed nerves and stimulated adrenaline.

Especially in the second round at Etihad. After winning a goal in the first half through Zabaleta’s goal, City were struck by QPR’s two goals due to the weakness and carelessness of their defense. Score 1-2 and the remaining time is 25 minutes. Etihad was silent as they could not believe they had conceded two ridiculous goals to be regretted throughout the club’s history.

After falling behind, City looked confused and lost as if they did not have any idea on what to do next. City was overcome by tension and anxiety. Even though they kept trying they couldn’t find the rhythm they used to have, the passes were in a hurry and easily intercepted. Fans in the stands were roaring, frustrated, heartbroken, and crying.

Referee Mike Dean gave an additional five minutes when the score hasn’t changed. City is really on the verge of collapse. At the same time, United who needed better results seemed to have secured it with a 1-0 win at Sunderland, and were preparing to celebrate the 20th title of the Red Devils, and 13th for Sir Alex Ferguson.

But this is the Premier League, no one can predict what kind of drama will end the best competition in the world. Through David Silva’s corner kick, Edin Dzeko, the Bosnian striker, scored a goal that made the score 2-2, in the 91st minute, giving City a breath of hope. But still overwhelmed with confusion especially when only few minutes left.

Two minutes later, striker Mario Balotelli has the ball on the edge of the QPR area. With a slip, he poked past two back players into the box. Sergio Aguero appeared running into the penalty area and finding position with one touch, and that’s when everything suddenly seemed to move slowly. He fired the ball with his right foot past goalkeeper Kenny, flying into the corner near the goal. And Aguero scored the legendary goal! Aguerro’s goal won the match at the last second. It also means that the 20th Premier League title goes to City. Manchester City conjured a crazy finish to end the fantastic season as champions. Aguero’s goal became one of the most famous goals in the history of the Premier League.

Etihad Stadium spectators roared and sobbed, bounced, and screamed, this time full of happiness. Mancini was also jumping for joy. He has won the title from Ferguson, his team won the first league title after 44 years of wait. When Referee Dean ended the match, all City’s fans rushed to the Etihad Stadium court to display their excitement that was overwhelmed by relief and astonishment. Moment that will be difficult to be repeated in a very long time. Since then Manchester City have won three more titles, making City one of the best team in England in the 2010s.


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