Collaboration, Astralis Group and Newzoo will exchange data

Astralis Group announces cooperation with Newzoo. Through this collaboration, Newzoo will provide Astralis with data and insights about the rapidly developing esports world, helping the esports organization make decisions in the future. Although many esports players have entered the competitive gaming industry on the basis of passion, now, just passion is no longer enough. Astralis itself prides itself as an organization that not only sells passion, but also data.

“At Astralis Group, when we make commercial offers, we try not to make them based only on passion, emotions, and loyalty, but also on rational data from which results can be calculated. We are not only trying to provide exposure to our colleagues, we also have an advisory role, which we can do better with the assistance of Newzoo, “Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-founder and CCO of the Astralis Group, was quoted as saying by the Newzoo official website. .

Astralis Group is a Danish esports organization that oversees the Astralis team that competes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Origen who fights in League of Legends, and Future FC who will compete in FIFA. While Newzoo is an intelligence and analytic company that has indeed issued various reports on surveys in the gaming and esports industry, such as reports that estimate that the valuation of the export industry this year will penetrate the value of US $ 1 billion. From this collaboration, Newzoo will get data from Astralis, which will help them to make more accurate estimates of the esports industry.

“We are pleased to be working with Astralis Group, Nikolaj Nyholm, three successful esports teams under them, namely Astralis, Origen, and Future FC,” said Remer Rietkerk, Head of Esports, Newzoo. “Astralis continues to innovate in the esports market, and through this collaboration, we will be able to enrich our understanding of the various monetization business models in esports.” According to Esports Insider, Astralis Group is not the first esports organization to become a partner of Newzoo. Before this, Newzoo had worked with Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pajamas, and the Japanese esports organization, DetonatioN Gaming. Rietkerk said, the more colleagues Newzoo had, the more accurate their reports would be.

Astralis is not the only esports organization that wants to use data to be superior to other organizations. Last year, Team Liquid announced its collaboration with SAP. The collaboration was then continued this year. In addition to the esports organization, game developers are also interested in working with intelligence and analytic companies. Along with the increasing number of non-endemic companies and venture capital companies entering the world of esports, the actors of esports are also required to provide valid data. Prior to this, Activision Blizzard had worked with Nielsen to ensure that data related to their esports league audience was indeed valid. In addition to Activision Blizzard, Riot Games also took Nielsen.

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