Considered to have a big influence on Tottenham, Kane: Mourinho is truly extraordinary

Tottenham Hotspur star striker, Harry Kane, admitted that he really felt the impact of Jose Mourinho’s presence in his team’s coaching chair. According to him, Mourinho has managed to bring Tottenham players to work much better.

Mourinho is now entering his second season coaching Tottenham. He came to the club nicknamed The Lilywhites on November 20, 2019, replacing the role of Mauricio Pochettino, who was fired after a series of bad results.

In his first season with Tottenham, Mourinho has not had a big impact on the team. Tottenham only finished sixth last season without winning a single title.

However, Mourinho does not want to be blamed for his poor results last season, given that he did not handle Tottenham in full. He came to the team in the middle of the season, when Tottenham were already in bad shape because they often reaped minor results.

Mourinho also stated that changes from Tottenham would only be seen in the 2020-2021 season because he handled from the start. The Portuguese coach also seems to have fulfilled his promise because this season Tottenham are performing well.

Kane and his friends are even in second place in the current Premier League standings. Tottenham, who have won five wins, two draws and one defeat in the Premier League, now have 17 points. Tottenham are only one point adrift of Leicester City, who topped the standings.

Seeing this condition, Kane also stated that Mourinho’s presence had an extraordinary impact on the team. Not only for the team, Kane even felt his own impact regarding his performance and game in every match during Mourinho’s training.

“It’s great to have him (Mourinho). He gave a lot of input at the practice site. Just learning and seeing how he does his job, seeing how he deals with various situations and problems, so it’s all good to learn, “Kane said, as quoted by Goal, Friday (20/11/2020).

“I think he saw in my game that I like to play deeper, so he explained (the rest of the squad) that if I do crash, then they have to be the ones running behind,” he continued.

“I think that’s a real difference. This allows me to create space and get the ball, but have the option to go forward as well. He’s great and I’m looking forward to the months ahead because Tottenham will do very well,” said the England striker.

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