Copa America 2019 Results: Argentina Beat Chile

Argentina won third place in the Copa America 2019 after defeating Chile 2-1 at the Arena Corinthias Stadium on Sunday (7/7).

In the first half Argentina took a 2-0 lead ahead of Sergio Aguero’s goal in the 12th minute utilizing Lionel Messi’s assists and Paulo Dybala’s goal in the 22nd minute thanks to feedback from Giovani Lo Celso.

In the second half of the match La Albiceleste determined to add to the advantage by attacking Chile at the start of the game. There was a crisis in front of the Chile goal in the 49th minute, but a barrage of attacks from Giovani Lo Celso, Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero could not add to the score for Argentina.

In the 54th minute Matan Aguero’s bait from the right side to Dybala could be thrown out first. The chance for Argentina to widen the distance again failed.

The referee suddenly immediately reviewed VAR and gave Chile a penalty in the 57th minute. The penalty was given as a violation by German Pezzela to the Chilean player before Aguero’s chance in the 54th minute.

Arturo Vidal who became the executor of the penalty did not waste the opportunity to minimize the position in the 58th minute. The Barcelona player’s hard kick in the middle could not be anticipated by goalkeeper Franco Armani, a score of 2-1 for Argentina.

Lionel Scaloni’s team for the umpteenth time have again thrown away the opportunity to stay away from Chile. In the 77th minute Angel di Maria was without escort when attacking the Chile defense which only left one defender.

Losing Messi made Argentina lack of variation in attack. The monotonous Team Tango attack comes from both sides of the wing.

The Paris Saint-Germain winger then released a gastric pass to Aguero who also moved freely. However, the ball from Maria cannot be controlled by Aguero and was first captured by goalkeeper Gabriel Arias.

Three minutes later it was Aguero’s turn to throw away a golden opportunity. Getting a breakthrough bait from Di Maria in the 80th minute, Aguero’s left footed kick overshadowed by the Chilean defender and lived face to face with goalkeeper Arias just floated on the left side of the opponent’s goal.

In injury time Arturo Vidal had one chance to equalize. But the former Juventus player’s shot failed to meet the target. The final score for the third place in the Copa America 2019 remains 2-1 for Argentina’s victory over Chile.

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