Cristiano Ronaldo: “I Don’t Like to Be Substituted”

Cristiano dont like be substituted

Portugal booked their UEFA Euro 2020 ticket with a 2-0 in over Luxembourg on Sunday. Cristiano Ronaldo doubled for his team by poking in his 99th international goal.

Speaking after the game, Ronaldo said he does not like to be substituted. In the past, the former Real Madrid striker has refused to be taken out of the games against Lokomotiv and AC Milan even when Juventus is winning by a margin.

“In the last three weeks, I’ve been playing conditioned. I don’t like to be substituted, but I’ve been playing conditioned and I’ve been trying to help Juventus.” Ronaldo said.

“I understand the changes, I was not right. In these two matches with Portugal I was not 100% either. But I’m very proud to sacrifice myself for the national team or for my club,” Ronaldo added.

Ronaldo joined Juventus in the summer of 2017. The move marked the end of a remarkable tenure for the Portuguese at Madrid, where he became the club’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Having beaten AC Milan in Allianz Stadium, Juventus are in a much healthier position on the top of Serie A, but finishing top still looks all but it’s not impossible.

“Inter are two points behind us and I sacrificed myself to help the team, just as I did with the national team, who needed to win these two games.” Ronaldo said.

“In my career I have never had serious injuries, I usually play between 50 and 60 games, but I’m having some discomfort that prevents me from being 100%. Someone should have spoken, especially the coach or myself, but you know I don’t talk much with the press,” he added.

When asked about Dani’s words about the World Cups won if he was born in Brazil, Ronaldo responded: “Im very proud of being Portuguese. I didn’t change my nationality for any other reason. With Portugal, I won a Europe and a Nations League,”

Juventus will travel to bitter rivals Atalanta on Saturday night for next Serie A match.

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