Cristiano Ronaldo Penalty Fails, Maurizio Sarri Showed No Disappointment

Unexpectedly, Cristiano Ronaldo failed to execute a penalty when Juventus met AC Milan. The moment itself was seen as unfortunate by the coach, Maurizio Sarri.

Juventus face Milan in the second leg match of the Coppa Italia semi-finals on Saturday (06/13/2020). The party that runs fierce ends with a score of 0-0.

Luckily for Juventus, who acted as the host, they still qualify for the final round. Because they already pocketed an away goal that was created at the first meeting.

Interesting moments from this match related to Ronaldo. Usually, he does not encounter significant difficulties when given the task of executing a penalty. But this time he failed to complete the responsibility.

Just Unlucky

But Maurizio Sarri showed no disappointment at the failure of the Portuguese man. He even just considered it trivial and said that Ronaldo was unlucky.

“I asked Ronaldo to take a more middle role, he was very happy to try it and he played as he needed at the moment,” Sarri told Rai Sport after the match.

“He may not be used to failing to make penalties, the ball can just go anywhere and he is not in luck,” he continued.

Different Roles

With his new role, Ronaldo looks farther away from goal, making it difficult to break down Milan’s goal. But Sarri did not see this role limiting the strength of Ronaldo.

“I don’t feel that playing him a few meters further can make a big difference to a strong player like him,” he added.

“Everyone played strong in the opening 30 minutes of the match and then just disappeared,” concluded the former Chelsea coach.

Now, Juventus are just waiting for their potential opponents in the final round. The party will be held on June 17 at the Italian capital’s stadium, the Olimpico of Rome.

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